Woman you are amazing

Woman You Are Amazing

The woman is the bedrock of society we all know that women are powerful, women are multi-taskers and women are able to do so much. Women carry a lot on their minds on a daily basis as well as wear many different hats.

Can women have it all? There are two general camps on this matter of having it all, it is either a definite yes or an empathic no.

Woman you are amazing I personally do not think the woman referred to in Proverbs 31 would have been mentioned if all her qualities were not attainable. Remember the bible is not a story book or fairytale it is real, it is the truth and it is for us to be encouraged. So lets look at all the realities of the P31 woman and see yourself in her.

What does Proverbs 31 say about you?

You are a capable, intelligent and virtuous woman.

You are more precious than jewels and your value is far above rubies or pearls.

You have the heart of your husband, he has confidence in you and he trusts you completely. You are his comforter and his encourager, and do him good all the days of your life.

You are a hard-worker, you are creative and make things out of nothing. You have willing hands and you work with it.

You search far and wide to provide for your family. You rise up early and provide for your household including your domestic staff.

You carefully consider how to invest, you are careful and prudent with your time and money.

You equip yourself with strength spiritually, mentally and physically for your God-given tasks. You make your arms strong and firm with a support system to back you up.

You are constantly on watch for yourself and your family. You are prayerful and know that your God answers you.

You are hospitable and you care for the needy, those who are needy for food, for encouragement and in need of prayers.

Your home looks good and well put together. You look good and your clothing is well put together. You have style!

Your husband is known in the relevant circles, he is relevant and he sits among wise counsel.pintrest

You are a smart business woman, you make things that others buy.You make money with your gifts, skills and talents.

You are optimistic you look forward to the future with anticipation; You know that you and your family are ready for the future. You are not fearful because of the current season you are always ready to face life.

You speak life, when you speak it is full of godly wisdom, kindness and wise counsel. You do not partake in tearing people down.

You make sure your house is in order and running well. You make sure your house does not harbor any idleness, gossip, discontent or self-pity. You are feeding your family with the right attitude to life.

You are blessed and loved, your children and your husband are proud of you, shower you with praises and speak highly of you. You are loved.

You are exemplary, people talk about you and use you as an example of a woman who is virtuous and has strength of character. In short you excel in all you do.

You understand that what really makes you beautiful is from the inside. You fearfully worship your Lord.

You will eat of the fruit of your hands and your works will be appreciated and praised.

Celebrate yourself you are a wonderful and amazing woman!

photo source: amyransom, pintrest

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