10 ways to keep your family warm and safe this season

10 Ways To Keep Your Family Warm and Safe During The Rainy Season

The cold and rainy period is upon us. It is that time of the year filled with lots of water and coldness all around. However, it’s quite tricky and unpredictable this time. The weather could go from sunny to rainy real quick.

This is one of the reasons why we have to be adequately prepared. We need to ensure that every member of the family is well protected from the cold. Don’t we just wish to remain indoor always while the cold season lasts?

10 ways to keep your family warm and safe this season

10 ways to keep your family warm and safe this season

1. Dress appropriately before going outside

Since the weather is unpredictable, it is advisable to dress warm enough that if it rains, you won’t be too cold. You can as well keep an extra piece of clothing (sweater or jackets) in your bag or your children’s back pack’s. If it’s raining, make sure your outerwear and footwear is suitable. Water-penetrated clothes can decrease your body temperature and put you at high risk of catching a cold. So don’t go out in the rain unless you are suitably dressed.

Wear clothes that make you feel as snug as a bug. Be careful that the clothes aren’t so tight that it restricts movement. Avoid too-tight shoes, they constrict blood flow, causing feet to become even colder.

When sending kids off to school or out to play, make sure they’re dressed warmly in clothes that are wind- and waterproof. Help your little ones stay warm with adequate head, face, hands, and neck protection.

2. Eat warm and healthy food

10 ways to keep your family warm and safe this season

To avoid potential health risks associated with extremely cold weather, eat at least one hot meal a day to help regulate body temperature. Hearty meals that contain healthy carbs and fats can help warm you up more from the inside-out. You’ll find recipes here. Try soups, spicy foods to fend off the chill! Regularly drinking hot drinks will help too. Tea serves you well during cold rainy weather. Having some blend of coffee will do your body some good or probably go for some green tea, the bottom-line is just that, you keep your insides warm against the cold or drizzling weather. You can put some in a flask for the kids to take to school.

3. Serve healthy snacks.

Good nutrition can help kids fight off cold and flu, so strengthen their immune system with a balanced diet. Snack time is a great opportunity to sneak in some extra nutrients; try dried and fresh fruits, sliced raw vegetables, whole-wheat crackers with cheese, and yogurt.

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4. Always have an umbrella with you

10 ways to keep your family warm and safe this season

Umbrellas help you go anywhere even when it seems to be raining heavily. You should make sure there are enough umbrellas in your home. You should also keep several umbrellas in your car. It is one of the easiest ways to be ready when stepping out with your family into the rain. You can have mini umbrellas in your child(ren)’s bag or foldable raincoats (they come in cute cartoon designs nowadays)

5. Take safety precautions while driving

Get around safe and sound. Driving when its raining can be dangerous. Drivers should exercise extreme caution in wet condition. Reduce speeds at all cost to avoid unnecessary accidents. Tarmac surfaces may be oily during the rainy season and this could make the road slippery. It is advisable to stop driving during a storm but if you have to drive for whatever reason don’t tailgate – that is following closely to the car in front. If the car behind is tailgating you slow down and let it over take you.

Rather than drive in heavy rain, park somewhere safe for a while and wait it out. Make sure you’re ready for any situation. Prepare your car for such emergencies by keeping the following must-haves in your trunk: a first-aid kit, blanket, water, and nonperishable snacks.

10 ways to keep your family warm and safe this season

6. Keep them hydrated.

Although your kids may not be sweating as much as they do in warm-weather months, they still need to keep hydrated. Smart choices for winter are low-sugar juices that are high in vitamin C, which studies show can lessen the severity and duration of winter colds. Decaffeinated tea and hot cocoa are also wise picks — these comforting hot drinks are a great source of antioxidants, which are believed to strengthen the immune system.

7. Make your home a safe haven.

Be prepared for unpredictable weather conditions by stocking up on essentials, such as extra batteries for flashlights, bottled water, first aid, and nonperishable food items. Safety kits can help protect your family in extreme situations. Also, make the house as warm and cozy as possible.

8. Never make the mistake of leaving your window open when you leave the house

Open windows offers easy access for rain to get into your home. So ensure your windows are closed or kept partly open with a mesh net preventing heavy rainfall from flooding your home.

9. Take Serious Precautions Against Mosquitos.

Mosquitos breed more during the rainy season because they favour stagnant pools of water to lay their eggs and for the development of their larvae.  Mosquitos transmit malaria and this disease can be fatal to adults and especially children if not urgently attended to. Any body temperature rises during this season should be treated with caution.

Safety precautions against mosquitoes include; using mosquito nets, mosquito repellants, mosquito coils, insect’s sprays and repellent herbs; Clearing gutters and draining any water accumulating in garden tools and children’s toys.

10. Keep your pets protected too

10 ways to keep your family warm and safe this season

Pets are an important part of the family. Always remember to bring pets inside when temperatures begin to drop. If they are not allowed inside, provide enough bedding and insulated shelter for them to keep warm.

Ensuring all of the safety precautions above will definitely keep you and your family members warm and safe this period. What other safety measures do you take during the rainy season?

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