30 Wise Sayings from Proverbs

Here are a list of 30 wise sayings from the book of Proverbs. The word is for your instruction and these are very useful in teaching children values and godly principles. This list of thirty sayings are filled with advice and knowledge.


  1. Don’t rob the poor just because you can or oppress the needy in court. The Lord is their defender and will ruin anyone who ruins them.
  2. Don’t befriend angry people or associate with hot-tempered people, or you will learn to become like them and endeager your soul
  3. Don’t guarantee another persons debt or put up security if you cannot pay it for the person else (be careful who you vouch for)
  4. Don’t cheat your neighbor by moving the boundary marker of their land set by previous generations. Don’t take the land of the fatherless or orphans
  5. Truly competent people will go far, they will serve kings and not ordinary people
  6. Don’t enjoy all the delicacies being offered to you when you are with someone powerful else you may fall into their trap as they might be trying to trick you
  7. Don’t wear yourself out trying to be rich, be wise enough to know when to quit. Wealth disappears in a blink of an eye, it will sprout wings and fly away like an eagle.
  8. Don’t eat with stingy people they are thinking about how much everything costs and are not truly generous. They will get more from you than they give you.
  9. Don’t waste your breath on fools for they despise wise advise
  10. Commit yourself to instruction, listen carefully to words of knowledge
  11. Don’t fail to discipline your children, spanking won’t kill them. Physical discipline may save them from death.
  12. Don’t envy sinners instead continue to fear the Lord.
  13. Don’t feast with drunkards as they are on their way to poverty
  14. Listen to your father and don’t despise your mother when she is old. Father of godly children has cause for joy. It is a pleasure to have wise children.
  15. Get truth and never sell it, get wisdom, discipline and good judgement.
  16. Don’t enjoy too much drinking and hanging out in bars, too much drinking in the end bites like a poisonous snake.
  17. Don’t envy evil people or desire their company, for their hearts plot violence and they stir up trouble.
  18. A house is built by wisdom and is strong through good sense. The wide are mightier than the strong, those with knowledge grow stronger and stronger.
  19. Don’t go to war without wise guidance, victory is dependent on having many advisers.
  20. A person who plans evil will get a reputation of a troublemaker, the schemes of a fool are sinful.
  21. If you fail under pressure then your strength is too small.
  22. Don’t use excuses not to save those unjustly sentenced to death
  23. As honey is sweet to taste, so is wisdom sweet to the soul. Finding wisdom ensures a bright future.
  24. Don’t plan ambush for the godly, don’t raid the house of the godly. The godly may trip seven times but they will get up again.
  25. Don’t rejoice when your enemies fall or stumble for the Lord will turn anger away from them to you
  26. Don’t envy the wicked, evil people have no future as their light will be snuffed out.
  27. Don’t associate with rebels because disaster will hit them suddenly.
  28. It is wrong to show favoritism when passing judgement. Convict those who are actually guilty.
  29. Don’t lie about your neighbours to get even
  30. Don’t be lazy because poverty will pounce on you and scarcity will attack like an armed robber.

30 wise sayings based on Proverbs 22: 20 – 24: 34

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