5 Remarkable Online Back to School Shopping Tips we all need

This summer has come and gone so quickly: And I am sure school is fast approaching, however, there is a twist this year, it is online! You might be struggling thinking about what you need to get as you focus on back to school, but you have come to the right place.


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Coming up at number one, we have stationery. For online school, you will need notebooks, highlighters, pens, erasers, pencils, rulers and folders, these are needed for when you need to take notes or do homework (these can be used for anything written). You can get these at several places like your local supermarket which could be either Ebeano. Mall for Africa or Amazon depending on where you live. Mall for Africa is great for shipping directly to your doorstep in Nigeria.

2.Dependable Internet

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During this pandemic, children doing online school need to have fast reliable internet, because almost all school-related work is going to be connected online somehow. The most important reason for fast, reliable internet is live online lessons. Doing all these things online without reliable internet can be frustrating, and could be a big delay/setback. As someone who has tried many internet providers, the best so far has been MTN HyNetflex.

3.Organized Workspace

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Thirdly, your children need an organized place to work and have their classes. To do this you could get different sort of cups, containers and case, with these you could sort all sorts into them such as pens and pencils, notebooks and loose paper and any other things you happen to have. Not only should you make the workspace organized, but you should also keep it clean, to do this you could get disinfectants and cloth towels.

4. Schedule/Calendar

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When it comes to online school, schedules and calendars are very helpful. While these times can be a very stressful period for everybody, schedules leave everyone sorted out and arranged. For children, this could be useful to write their classes down and homework they have been assigned leaving everyone stress-free.


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Lastly, Investing in a pair of headphones or earbuds for your child could be very useful. Getting earphones for children who do live classes helps cancel out background noise and transfers sound better. As a result, this could be a focus booster because their minds will only be set on the teacher’s voice!

These are 5 shopping tips I recommend for starting online school. This global pandemic has changed a lot and the way we do things. I hope this article was helpful and useful for your child’s resumption online! To read more on children and online matters click here

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