5 Ways to Enjoy the Summer with Less Expenses

Summer vacation, other words for e-x-p-e-n-s-e-s! The beauty of travel is in the combination of get-away activities like visiting notable destinations, going shopping, dining at 5-star restaurants, going to the movies, ticking off summer bucket lists and so on. Ultimately, what makes an enjoyable summer is not finding where to travel, but having a blast without breaking the bank. While expenses come with all things summer travel, taking charge of your summer splurge whilst still having a great time will give you a travel-spend balance. Here are some tips on ways to enjoy the summer and still save up on vacation expenses;

Plan in advance

Planning in advance will save you a lot of pressure. It is advisable that you have a separate saving account to cover your summer travel vacation and expenses. Setting aside a savings account one year or six months in advance can save you a lot of money-related stress. Also, teach your child the habit of saving. If the little one has been whining about going to Disneyland for summer, for example, having the child save at least a thousand Naira per week for a year, can cover up for some part of the summer expenses. 


Book your tickets on time

Whether you are traveling internationally or locally, the summer period is one of the seasons that ticket bookings are high in demand. And you know an increase in demand comes with an increase in price, so as to cut down the crowd and serve the customers who are willing to travel at any cost. A sequel to planning in advance is to book your tickets on time. That way, you pay less and have your spot reserved.


Travel with Travelstart

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Get coupons

When you are looking for hotels and car rentals in your travel destination, the first thing you should look out for is coupons. Using the Travelstart Flapp app guarantees getting your accommodation sorted ahead of time, you also get good rates on hotels and car rental expenses.


Shop items on sales

Shopping is almost an inevitable part of summer activities. If you have a good savings habit as mentioned earlier, this part of your summer travel will be well catered for. However, you should look out for malls and shops that have sales going on nonetheless. This is the best time to be all eyes on black Friday offers and clearance sales. Read LagosMums Black Friday Sales Guide.


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Eat-in, instead of eating out

Another way to curb travel expenses is by reducing the number of times and the amount spent on eating out in restaurants. Instead, prepare your own home-made food more. Cook special delicacies, try out new recipes, have fun preparing meals together as a family. If you are lodging in a hotel and you do not have access to cook, opt for budget-friendly restaurants and order for platters to share. After all, there is love in sharing!


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Have a fantastic summer holiday!

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