Fun Family Activities to do This Summer

Summertime, Family time! The summer holiday is an exciting season to spend quality and memorable time as a family. It is even more fun and exciting having everyone involved in the discussion and not just mum or dad deciding where to go and things to do. Parents can create a lot more fun summer experience for the children by involving them in the travel plans ahead in order to create fun family activities. This gives room for them to chip in their interests too. That way, everyone’s favorite place or things to do are covered.

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Getting your child involved in the Summer Plans

Do you know one of the easiest ways children learn? According to the International Bureau of Education research on how children learn, – Social Participation is the main activity through which learning occurs. That is, the establishment of a fruitful collaborative and co-operative atmosphere is an essential part of learning. Children also learn by Active Involvement. Their natural desire to explore can be fostered by getting them research about places they would like to visit for summer vacation.

Get the children more involved from the onset rather than the last minute announcement when all the plans have been made. Involve them in creating a fun family time. Hear from your child, know where they would like to go. Do they want to go to an African country, do they want to go to Europe, USA, or Asia? Encourage them to research about various travel destinations. Perhaps, places mentioned in their social studies classes can offer some tips!

Deciding where to go as a family using Flapp by Travelstart

Deciding where to travel for the summer vacation is an easy peasy if you can find useful information and important details about the various destinations the family can choose from. Details such as best prices, deals, expert assistance on bookings, travellers guide, hotels, car hires, tourist attractions and so on. For a travel experience made easy from start to finish, download Flapp – Travelstart app, to get started.

Summer Bucket List for the Whole Family

Every family has both collective interests and individual interests. A beautiful way to get everyone involved is for each person to come up with a checklist of fun activities they will like to do during the summer vacation. Weigh the options to see which interests are more likely depending on the choice of destination or travel budget. Then, make the collectively selected and agreed options into a summer travel bucket list! It promises to be a fun family time.

Summer Travel Bucket List Ideas for the family

Depending on your travel destination, here are some ideas of tourist attractions to include in the summer travel bucket checklist of activities that the family can plan towards and enjoy together.


  • Take family pictures at Nungwi and Kendwa beaches, in Zanzibar
  • Visit the Musée Rodin museum, in Paris
  • Visit arts and culture centres in Ghana
  • Go for destination shopping, in Dubai
  • Have a family picnic at a park 
  • See Nelson Mandela’s letters and diaries in Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Visit Tinapa resort in Calabar, Nigeria


Flapp gets everyone’s summer groove on

Whether you are still considering flight options, already at your destination of choice or you are now deciding where to go as a family and looking for ideas on things to do, explore amazing options with the TravelStart App on the go! The hassle of making the right choice is easier with a travel app at your fingertips. Download Flapp, a flight booking app by Travelstart to book your summer flights, hotels, car rentals and more.

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