LagosMums 8th Annual Parenting Conference 2021: Get Ready To Build Strong Families

We are excited to be hosting the 8th Annual LagosMums parenting conference holding on Saturday, October 9th 2021 online. This means you can tune into the event from anywhere in the world.

The conference is free to attend but registration is required. The theme for this year’s conference is: “BUILDING STRONG FAMILIES.”


Why Building Strong Families?

The uniqueness of living through a pandemic has made life truly dynamic and flexibility is very important. Parents need to remember to be kind and love themselves while still taking care of their children.

As parents, we may ask ourselves, how do we raise well-grounded children and successful young adults for the ever-changing future? The strength of a parenting community is that you realize you are not alone and there is strength in parenting together. 

We are inviting all parents and caregivers to get ready to engage with our amazing speakers who will be discussing a wide range of topics on parenting and family life. 

The LagosMums Parenting Conference is proudly sponsored by Maggi. Our media partners are BellaNaijaLost in Lagos, and Pride Women Magazine

Yetty Williams 8th Annual Parenting Conference To learn more about our speakers and the schedule of the day visit here

Our speakers, who are experts in their various areas of speciality will be sharing pertinent areas of family life and parenting; and collectively will be sharing how to build strong families. 

The conversations this year will include; Digital Citizenship for Families and the Roles Parents Play; Recovering from Challenging Times and Building Strong Families, Understanding Teenagers and The World They Live In, Raising Spiritually Sound Children in Today’s World, and Providing Quality Education and Ensuring Financial Stability in the Family.

As with our past conferences, all our attendees are sure to learn a few things. And make new connections that would have a lasting effect on your family. You can watch the replay of the LagosMums 7th Annual Parenting Conference here 

Vendors and Sponsors

Inviting all vendors and sponsors interested in showcasing their products and services to the largest group of parents. If you are interested please email [email protected] or call +234 909 000 4785

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