A Hairy Story

Like it or not, you are judged first on your physical appearance. You might not like it but that’s just the way it goes. Often times, the world is able to figure out our story by just taking one look at us.

My name is Wondrous Brown, owner of Wondrous Hair Salon. I have been a hairstylist for many years and my experience has taught me one thing – most of us make our hair decisions based on convention, especially as we age; why is that I hardly see hair choices based on real introspection?


Take time to ask yourself this question: “What is really going on with me at this point in my life?” Dig deep inside your heart and soul to establish what you want to communicate to the world. Do this before you decide to grow out your hair, imitate someone else’s style from Instagram, or last but certainly not the least, join “team natural.” I have heard it said often that our hair is our “crowning glory” but you get to design your Crown of Glory. Who says your crown is supposed to be long or natural? Or a bob? I am Team Hair, Team Authentic, Team Do You.

That you wear hair extensions doesn’t make you less real any more than going natural makes you more authentic. One thing I have noticed over the years (the real issue) has to be the massive limits we place on ourselves as women regarding our hairstyles. Let me ask you this, why do you care what someone else thinks about your hairstyle – something that’s on your own head and not their head. How does that affect you? Don’t get me wrong; I am also guilty – very guilty.

I have a story to tell. I like short hair; I have always wanted to cut my hair. However, the time was never right – “I will get a hair cut when I lose weight.” This self-inflicted limit lingered for the longest because I feared I would look fat with short hair. Or the one time when I never went blonde because I felt it would make me look too pale. Then something happened within me – deep down within my soul.

Aside from the fact that I had been feeling quite uninspired for a while, it was also disturbing to discover I had been switching between only two hairstyles for 10 years – a bright red hair worn either as a curly fro or a straight fringe. How can a hairstylist be stuck in a rut? Not anymore. I woke up one morning, I went to my salon and I cut off my hair. And then I coloured it blonde. Did I freak out? You bet. I almost mixed the dye my regular red colour but I kept chanting blonde, blonde, blonde (in my head). And blonde I mixed.

Guess what? The best decision I have made in years! I have felt more powerful and more of myself than I have in years. My experience is not unique because I have seen the transformative power of the right hairstyle with my clients. I have also seen women who are slaves to their hair because they are trying to achieve certain type of ideal hairstyles – usually thick and long. I think that putting such pressure on yourself gives room for dissatisfaction in many ways you can’t even begin to imagine.

Black Hair

Sites like Pinterest is indulging me in the art of being spoilt for choices. It’s my go-to site for creating my authentic crown. Pinterest gives me the options of creating a picture board or saving the pictures of future hairstyles to my personal device. I don’t worry about whether or not a certain hairstyle will look good on me – and you shouldn’t too. It’s usually a process: start by browsing through a bunch of hairstyles, next step is to pair the hairstyles with digital outfits and accessories of your choice. What happens is, you will begin to discover and unravel your real style; one that is very different from what would typically purchase. On you next salon visit, make sure you go through your saved pictures with your hairstylist, this way you can start having conversations about hairstyles that suits you and your lifestyle.

Aren’t you thankful God didn’t make it such that we are stuck with one hairstyle? Dear Woman with a Crown, you should feel free to express who you are at any given moment. Work that hair of yours, and most importantly, be satisfied with it. God gave you your hair for a reason.

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