How To Incorporate Fringes

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It’s the weekend Lagosmums!!! It’s time to kick off your heels and have some fun.

This one is for the yummy mummies. Yes, you’ve definitely missed those days when you can go along with whatever trend that comes along. Now you’re so busy juggling work and motherhood that trends pass you by before you even realize it.

Other times, you catch the trend fever right on time but you wonder how to incorporate a new trend into your wardrobe.

Let’s take a look at how to incorporate the Fringe Trend in your daily outfits.

The trend of the 70’s seems to be making waves again. Have you noticed fringes in every other ensemble? Yes, these playful hanging threads and tassels are trending again. Fringes can be incorporated in your daily style quotient in numerous ways.

They can be incorporated in a very subtle manner and can also give a perfect professional look. So if you want to pull off this bohemian look in an elegant manner then here’s how you can do so:

1) The easiest way to incorporate fringes is to ACCESSORIZE

Fringe accessories look chic and can be teamed with numerous attires without being the center of attraction

Source: Google
Source: Google


2) Wear them on your SHOES
Soraya De Carvalho
Soraya De Carvalho

Give an extra swing to your steps by teaming your fringe-trim heels with a casual tee and denim or a cute dress, to step out with confidence.

3) Fringe JACKETS? Oh yes!
Picture Source: Google
Picture Source: Google

For a more daring look walk out wearing a fringe jacket teamed with a pair of plain black trousers or denim. This perfect street style staple will definitely make heads turn.

Adetoun Ajiboye Omb
Adetoun Ajiboye Omb

Fringe skirts or trousers give an extra flair to your outfit. Team a white button shirt with a fringe bottom and pull it off elegantly.


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