How To Prepare Children For The Future With Education

Things change faster than we can keep up and accordingly education needs to prepare children for the future ahead and not for the present or the past. Parents and educators all agree that the world and the needs of the future keep changing and it is time for the education children are receiving to be altered to adequately prepare them for the future.

Back to school. Year six

A question educators must keep asking is “What skills will the adults and workforce of upcoming decades need?” and how will their training today equip them to be able to solve the global challenges the future will present?

“Schools of the future will have to create conditions in which children are encouraged to find their innate skills and passions, maintain their creativity and celebrate who they are—so that they might be their most authentic selves’ says Sir Ken Robinson, a world-renowned speaker on education.

Global Exposure –

One way to prepare children for the future is to make sure they are having global interactions. One way of achieving this is with International schools. These schools are naturally multicultural and global in nature thereby enabling children to have a range of experiences that open their eyes and ears to the experiences of others and worlds beyond their own immediate family and culture. [Read: Harrogate Ladies’ College – Why Choose An All Girls School?]

Core Skills

Whatever the future holds, the global workforce will still need core skills. Literacy, numeracy and technology skills transcend traditional subject boundaries. The core curriculum of schools now and in the future must require and maintain high standards in core areas.


the future will depend on technology therefore the use of technology in learning situations is vital.

Artificial Intelligence STEM

Social Media

The world is increasingly connected. Children need to be formally and informally learning about how to interact with others in a positive and constructive way. They must be aware of the implications of their actions, as well as develop an awareness of both their own contribution to interactions. [ Read:

Children of the future will need schools to make a difference, more so than at any time in the past. Schools must inspire and galvanise children, encourage them to become individuals who challenge themselves, who look outside the box, who socially network, see links, innovate and think for themselves. They must help children become adults who truly have a love of learning and a passion for finding and harnessing their innate strengths—whatever they are.

Above all, schools must help children become people who are determined to succeed, relish challenge and seek solutions wherever they may originate. Children of today must be prepared to become the innovators of tomorrow.

 Source BCCJ Accumen
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