Are You A Thankful Mum

It is quite easy to continue thinking about the next big thing we want to give or do for our kids, without pausing to be thankful for all they are and have at the moment. It is also possible to continue whining about the long way our little ones still have to go before they are independent, matured and responsible but we forget how far they have come. looks at the various challenges mothers face and how to stay positive and thankful in every situation.

The Mother of Many

A Thankful Mum
A thankful Bimbo Ayelabola

Some of us think we’ve got too many children, we can’t keep up or cope with the noise. The demands are endless and we wonder how did we got into this mess with no time for yourself. Some other mums have got only one child and wish they had your kids. They are tired of the quiet and boredom and don’t mind some of your so called noise. Others are still waiting to have their first child after trying all sorts and are willing to give anything to get even one of yours.[READ: Three Fun Ways To Keep Your Children Active]


The Demanding Mum

You think your child can’t play any musical instrument or speak another language; at least she’s polite and courteous. You believe the public school won’t get your children anywhere in life and you think those in the private schools or who are homeschooled stand a better chance in life. In our age of intense competition, with parents reliving their dreams through their children, you should be glad you are not caught up in that and your kids have better values. If you can’t afford the education a private school provides or the time the homeschooling option demands, what do you do? More of the work lies with you- the parent and not the school; it’s only an illusion that the kids in private schools will be better in the end. Some kids who seem to have it all, best education, intelligence and brilliance can’t even sit still or follow simple instructions. Yet they are paraded by their parents to the world but hiding their inadequacies. [READ: Parenting Etiquette]


The Full Time House Wife

You are not excited as a stay-at-home mum whether by choice or design and wish you had more cash or time to run your business or do your own thing. Many working mums wish they were in your shoes, enjoy this time while it last before the kids leave home, you are giving your kids what money cannot buy, the gift of your presence and love. Also be grateful your spouse is earning enough to help you stay with the kids, some couples who both work can’t still pay their bills.  [READ: Women In Business]

The Only One

A Thankful Mum
A thankful single mum bathing her only son

You have only one child and wish you could have more, your house is often quiet and your routine boring. You’ve tried everything and nothing seems to be working for you. Be thankful to God you have at least one, pour your love on him/her and enjoy the time together. Also enjoy your special times with your spouse, at least you don’t have to worry about contraceptives and its attendant side effects. Many times, it’s not really that we want so many kids but we don’t think we can manage the pressure that society puts on us when they make us feel something’s not quite right with just one child.  [READ: Common Parenting Mistakes]


The Single Mum

It’s tough to be thankful as a single mum when the odds are working against you and you have to be and do twice as much for your kids. It seems like an endless routine of tasks yet undone, bills unpaid and unmet demands waiting on you. At least you’re still standing, you may be exhausted and overdue for a break but little by little you can see results from your efforts. Your kids can see in you a good model of what it takes to be hardworking and not caving in under pressure. [READ: Raising Children]

Are you a thankful mum? Count your blessings, name them one by one and use what you think is your disadvantage for your good. Being thankful is a positive attitude and not a once-in-a-while task. [READ: More on Parenting]

What are you thankful for today? Do share with us in the comment boxes below.


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