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Diary Adventures of LagosMums: DALM | Women In Business

There are many women in business, either as entrepreneurs, career women or business women. I think that every woman is in business somehow, even women who are not in your typical 9 to 5. The internet and social media provide very low barriers to entry, anyone can have a brand and advertise their business, products or services globally.

makeup artistFor example someone who likes to do makeup can take pictures of her work, pictures of before and after makeup transformations, get an instagram account and that is it she is in business (whether or not she knows it). She is bound to come across people who will patronize her and need her services for an event or for a photo shoot.

I personally enjoy attending events that are targeted at women, either seminars or conferences. There is hardly any better way to learn from other people that to hear from women who have been there and who are on their various journeys there. Every woman’s story is unique and yet so similar at the same time. Many women who make it in a new industry or in a “mans world” have certain things in common. They have a plan, they are consistent, they do not take no for an answer, they keep trying, they are flexible and they encourage other women along the way.

I have been attending the Women of  West Africa Entrepreneurship Conference today and I am always inspired and love meeting other women who are striving, getting things done and making an impact in their industries.

For me one of the highlights of the session i attended was hearing Wana Sambo speak about her brand and her experiences as a designer. She reiterated that it is important to have a plan and then to work towards that plan. She made it clear that though you can just start business, it is advisable to have a plan as it is easier for this plan to then become reality. She talked about knowing what you want to do and how…for example with her as a designer it is important for her to know who the celebrities are and what they are wearing. Based on this she was able to follow certain celebrities on instagram and contact them to wear some of her ready to wear lines. By the time she contacted them though, they were already aware of the brand and so were happy to wear her clothes. She had a plan to get her brand known. Wana Sambo

While there are some women who have had experiences where other women did not help them, I believe that the cases of women helping each other is more prevalent than not. It is important to find like minded women who are looking to improve themselves and grow their businesses. Network with these women as there will always be something to learn from them.

I like the saying that says Failure is feedback…the point being that we are all learning everyday and we should stay flexible so we can try, learn and adjust as necessary. Flexibility is the main ingredient to achieving your goals.

So lets keep networking with each other and mentoring each other through our journeys. Wowe is still on tomorrow at the Landmark center VI.


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