Are You Ready For The Future? Top 10 Skills Children Need

A recent report identifies the key work skills and capabilities needed. This is important so parents and educationists can keep in mind the top skills children need; as we prepare our children for the future.emotional intelligence children lagosmums


Steve Jobs once said,Creativity is just connecting things”. Sense making is all about the ability to connect things to create new ideas.

Social Intelligence

Relationships and the ability to connect with people becomes and remains a crucial capability, however, as John Hagel thoughtfully points out, influence and relationship-building will now come from asking the right questions, not necessarily having all the answers. This is the age of the individual, where you can no longer assume that every person shares the same goals, desires, and motivators.

Everyone is unique and wants to be catered to in a way that’s unique to them.  To connect with people deeply and despite the distraction of technology, we must continue to develop capabilities to quickly understand other’s emotions, motivations, and triggers. A human approach to business still wins.

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Novel & Adaptive Thinking

As employment changes either low-skill jobs or high-skills jobs, it is important that we always evolve our thinking towards the future. At the pace by which companies are changing, staying up-to-date is no longer enough.

Taking self-initiative to constantly improve your skills, pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, becoming a perpetual student, and quickly adapting to new realities will help ensure you are creating value and staying relevant.

Cross-Cultural Competencies

Globalization is no longer the buzzword in corporate America, it is a reality.  As many of us work globally every day; however, those who know how to empathize and adjust their communication and style of collaboration to fit different cultures will always have an advantage.

Computational Thinking

You do not have to think like a computer, but being analytical is critical as data is everywhere. Data comes from all sorts of sources, whether through dozens of emails or crunching huge Excel spreadsheets; and the ability to translate vast amounts of data into actual insight is now, more than ever a critical skill. It is paramount to understand the meaning, trends and patterns of what the data is telling us. Data analysis is a critical skill.

New Media Literacy

Still, printing your 50-slide PowerPoint decks? The world of videos, blogs, and podcasts has changed the way we communicate and consume information.  Consequently, with an entire generation that was born digital entering the workforce, everyone will need to become fluent in digital and social media forms of communications.

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We can no longer rely on just bringing together groups of specialists to solve our most complex problems. Instead, companies are in need of Generalists with new, agile skills that can see the big picture, listen, synthesize ideas and connect the dots.

Design Mindset

A design mindset refers to the ideas and attitudes by which a person approaches a situation.   It is about focusing on human values and developing a deep understanding of the people that matter most. Adopting a design mindset becomes a critical ingredient in the ability to execute successfully.

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Cognitive Load Management

The sheer amount of data and information that hits us in a short span of time has exponentially increased. Streams of information come from multiple sources and devices.  A tweet here, a text message or email there; managing the flow and prioritization of all this information becomes a challenge.

The ability to effectively filter and focus on what really requires your attention becomes paramount. Hence, this includes effectively managing your channels, deciding where to participate vs. where not to. A disciplined approach to managing distractions as opposed to real priorities is critical.

Virtual Collaboration

Working and collaborating virtually is a necessity in a global world. However, despite a variety of tools and technologies, most people still struggle to be effective as members or leaders of virtual teams. People who will excel are those who have the skills to navigate virtual teams and collaboration. Virtual work demands a new set of competencies and effort in order to ensure productivity.

Staying relevant is a top priority for individuals and companies. However, there are no guarantees that either of these skills will lead to success.  The key becomes taking charge of your own destiny; reviewing where you are today and charting your personal map as to where you want to go.

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In our bid to be well prepared for the future, how can we empower children with the skills they need for the future? The future is here and all interested parties dealing with the family need to collaborate in all areas. As always, we agree that it takes an e-village to raise a child and there is no crash course for parenting.

What happens when like-minded parents and experts in the field come together to discuss; we help each other on the parenting journey.