Are You Smart Enough Financially?

Are you financially literate enough to raise a daughter who is financially empowered? Your daughter learns from you and how you see and handle finances.

Start with asking yourself about your own finance? How well do you manage it? what about your family’s finances, are you responsible enough to handle it with care?Are you an emotional spender?

financial literacyFinancial literacy is “the ability to use knowledge and skills to manage financial resources effectively for a lifetime of financial well-being.”

As women, we were raised to believe in the “happy ever after” Cinderella story, believing that once you’re married you let go and let your husband take charge of everything! Including your finances!

What if your husband is not capable of running the finances of the family? Or you if you wake up from your sleeping beauty bed to find its overgrown with thorns or your knight in shining armor suddenly became crushed…How many women go through death of a spouse/divorce or separation and have nothing financially to hold on to and sustain their life and those of their children.

Some women remain in a money fog before and during marriage, afraid of disrupting status quo or refusing to see the truth about themselves or their partner. What is your money mindset? Are you financially compatible with your fiance/husband? What beliefs do you hold about money?

Money is very important! You need to work for it and make it work even harder for you. This is a simple truth about money and you need to be financially literate and aware to understand this – it is not only the job of a man or husband.

It is important to have a goal for every dime you receive – whether you earn it from a job or its allowance from your husband, create the goal around your life’s purpose and family needs and stick to it. Self-discipline and self-control are key to financial freedom.

Avoid the impulse to buy things just because you feel like, don’t buy things you can’t afford!

It is your responsibility to become financially empowered. We have to help each other prepare so that you, your mother, your sister, your daughter, your best friend, won’t end up like so many elderly women today who are living in poverty and despair and disrespect. We shouldn’t let this happen in our lives.

Women we must take charge and have faith that in knowledge there is power, and when we take action there is a future. 

Be smart with your money and financially and teach your daughters too…Be wise!

Contributed by Tolu Opanuga
Lifestyle Coach for Women, teens/kids
Founder: Girls Connect Africa (mentoring/enrichment club for girls), Virtuous Woman Network (Fb group)
photo source: smartinvestingph
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