8 Tips to Get the Best Mediclaim Policy in India for Families

You must have heard the quote- “Health is Wealth”. There is a lot of truth in this saying as health is one of the most important factors that you need to keep looking out for, no matter what your age is. Health is something that should always be the topmost priority for you and your loved ones.

It is crucial to get a health insurance policy like the best Mediclaim policy in India for families to avoid any future mishaps related to medical problems or their expenses. The best Mediclaim policy in India for families has many components that you need to look out for; including your policy to ensure maximum coverage in all aspects of the health of your family.

It is crucial to get a health insurancbest Mediclaim policy in India for families

Let us look at some of the things to search for and opt for when trying to get the best Mediclaim policy for India for family. If you are looking to secure your family’s future, read on to understand points to consider before buying the best Mediclaim policy for India for your family.

Here are Things To Consider Before Buying Mediclaim Policy for Family

1. Pre- And Post-Hospitalization Charges

Pre- and post-hospitalization charge is an important thing to look out for when finding the best Mediclaim policy for India for family.  Some insurers cover a limited time period depending on the plan.

2. Cashless Treatment

When buying the best Mediclaim policy for India for families, it is best to understand the network hospitals; as these hospitals partner up with the insurance company to provide cashless treatment. During your treatment at these hospitals, there is no need for paying from your pocket; as the hospital and insurer take care of the bills between themselves.

3. Tax Advantages and Benefits

According to the Indian tax laws, you can avail of tax benefits and advantages of up to Rs.75000 when paying the premiums of the insurance monthly or quarterly.

4. No Claim Benefits

When buying the best Mediclaim policy for the family in India, it is crucial to find a plan with a No Claim Bonus as you can avail yourself more benefits when you go a year without claiming any benefits.

5. Co-Payment Clause

There is a list of deductibles mentioned in the policy that is not covered by the insurer. The deductible amount can help you bring the premium down as these amounts can be paid by the policyholder as well. This is a huge factor in finding the best Mediclaim policy for India for families; it allows the policyholder and insurer to pay for specific treatments.

6. Ambulance Charges

When looking for the best Mediclaim policy, it is imperative to look for plans which include emergency ambulance transportation charges.

7. Pre-Existing Diseases

When you choose the best Mediclaim policy for India for family, you can check for preexisting illness coverage if the family plan includes someone with preexisting comorbidities. This can help them plan their future easily.

8. Covid-19 Coverage

With the current scenario of coronavirus taking over all our lives, it is extremely crucial to find a policy that covers covid-19 treatment to prepare for any medical emergencies that may befall your loved ones.

There are several factors you must consider and look out for when choosing the best Mediclaim policy. It is a crucial decision that will impact your financial planning in the coming years significantly. Hence, choosing the correct plan which suits your family is vital to help you live a stress-free life without any hassle.

Trusted insurers like Care Insurance can help you get the best health insurance plans; which are perfectly suited to secure the future for you and your family. Head to their website to find suitable health insurance plans that can be customized to fit your specific needs.

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