Book Review: Mystery At Ebenezer Lodge

Book Review: Mystery At Ebenezer Lodge by Dunni Olatunde

The book, Mystery at Ebenezer Lodge is quite an interesting story of children who spend time at their grandmother’s house for a week. What started out as an uncertain time turned out to be quite an adventure. The book is relatable and enjoyable because as a Nigerian child, you can recognize yourself in the characters.

The children also show a curiosity that enables them to solve a problem for their grandmother’s aunt who they come to build a close relationship with.

Children are explorers at heart, Mystery at Ebenezer Lodge gives a view of how the little kids can be the ones to solve a long-standing problem. 

mystery at Ebenezers lodge


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“There is one more room to see in this house before we move on to the garage that houses our old cars and motorbikes…” Mama stole a look at Bosun, Bolu and Nosa whose faces lit up like a Christmas tree. “Sports equipment, electronics and…” She looked at the girls. “…the oldest wardrobe you have ever seen. Ball gowns, my wedding gown and lots more.”

She waved them into the third room. “Let me show you—”

She had barely entered into the room when she suddenly stopped talking and frowned. “What’s the matter, Mama?” Bosun asked.

Mama grunted but did not say a word. She walked to one end of the room and stopped. She shook her head and strode to the other end. She looked disturbed. The children, who had stayed at the door, exchanged puzzled glances.

“Mama?” Taiwo said, stepping inside. “Mama, is something wrong?”

“Yes,” Mama said, nodding firmly. “Something is not right. There’s been an intruder in this room.”

Folake let out a little cry. Taiwo gasped, and Bosun and Bolu looked at each other.

Kehinde looked into the room; it was just as musty as the other two. It looked undisturbed, exactly as it would look if no one had been inside it in years.

“Why do you think so, Mama?” Kehinde asked.

“Has anything been taken?”

“And you haven’t even looked in the boxes, Mama,” Nosa pointed out, nodding at the unopened boxes which appeared untouched. Everyone looked expectantly at Mama, who just appeared more convinced than ever.

“Is something missing, Mama?” Bosun was getting a little impatient.

“No,” Mama said at last. “If the locks on any of the boxes had been tampered with I would know.”

Still, she seemed deep in thought.

Book Review: Mystery At Ebenezer Lodge by Dunni Olatunde

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