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wean your baby

How To Wean Your Baby

As a parent after about 4 to 6 months of breastfeeding, it is time to wean your baby and start offering solid food. During this period the most common question is how to wean your baby? Other concerns include how much milk should baby drink, what is the best time to start the weaning process…

Keep in shape as a new mum

How To Keep In Shape As A New Mum

During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes a lot of changes. One of the most significant changes is an increase in weight. Most women worry that after having their baby, they won’t return to their normal weight and dress size. The thought of not being able to slip into those pretty dresses and skirts, cause some…

Benefits of breastfeeding. / breastfeed

Mini Breastfeeding masterclass by Dr. Michele Griswold #EarlyMomentsMatter

In a recent interview with UNICEF, lactation expert and former president of the International Lactation Consultant Association, Dr. Michele Griswold, answered some of the many questions surrounding breastfeeding. [World Breastfeeding Week – Breastfeeding; Foundation for life ] Here’s what she had to say “Did you know that your nipples have good bacteria? So you don’t…

Benefits of breastfeeding. / breastfeed

What Happens If Mum Can’t Breastfeed?

The benefits of breastfeeding for both mum and baby are quite numerous. Also, experts recommend exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of a baby’s life. However, while almost all women can breastfeed, there are certain mothers who cannot or should not nurse their children [Dont take breast cancer for granted] The reasons mums may…

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What is it about LagosMums? Being a Mum means that you are many things at the same time…


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