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Children on Destiny – Diary of LagosMums

I believe in having real conversations with young people especially my children. Children are forming their views on the world on a daily basis and through seemingly unimportant questions they are constantly framing their views. When a child asks a question it is a natural and perfect window for parents and any well meaning adult who had the privilege of hearing the question to correctly frame their views.

The conversation on Destiny was not something I planned and scheduled (as most conversations as a parent are – unplanned). It started with my daughter asking “Mum what does destiny mean?” I had a split second to get a response that would make sense to a 6 and 8 year old.


I answered by saying that destiny is what you have been placed on earth for and to achieve. God has a plan for everyone whom he created and that God knew everyone even from the womb. To make it practical I told them that every gift and talent each of them has is not a mistake, it is all part of the bigger plan to achieve each person’s destiny.

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I encouraged them to work on their unique gifts and talents because it is not a mistake. To give them real examples I went further to explain that if you like to write for example, you might one day write books. I told them that if they like to watch cartoons maybe one day they can create their own cartoon. This sparked an interest and my son said “Oh it’s like me since I like watching TV maybe I can fix cable?” I stretched him and said maybe he can own his own TV channel. He was like “yeah…or I can even make my own Tom and Jerry where they will do different things”.

His sister, every practical, said “but you should not only modify people’s things you can create your own”. This went on for a little bit with them discussing the concept of creating and harnessing their gifts and talents.

I believe the lesson on using your gifts and talents to achieve your destiny was well understood.

It got me thinking about how we approach each day, do we understand that every gift and talent is truly a gift unique to each and everyone towards achieving destiny. As parents one of our primary goals is to help our children achieve their destiny by exploring their unique gifts and talents.

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