DALM | What The Movie Storks Is Really Teaching Your Children

DALM | What The Movie Storks Is Really Teaching Your Children

Is Storks harmless or Not? Do you know what Storks the movie is teaching your children? For most people, when a new movie comes out rated PG or FAM, you think it is safe. We welcome the family time as there are not many opportunities for family activities in Lagos. Watching a movie is a popular choice for the family.

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I have taught my children to understand that movies rated Family are generally okay to watch. They know that movies rated Parental Guidance need a parent to approve it. We have a system!

The movie is about Storks delivering babies to homes. Apart from curious children asking if it Storks really give babies? Or how are babies really made? Watching Storks was supposed to be a harmless and simple movie for the whole family. I did not expect the movie to leave me with an uncomfortable feeling. By the end of the movie all I could think about was AGENDA!!

This sweet family comedy was written and conceived by smart people who clearly know something about the project of raising children” – Barbara Shulgasser-Parker According to one movie critic

stork babyWhat Is Storks Teaching Your Children?

Yes Storks has an agenda. The movie shows hundreds of babies being delivered to families that are not your typical mum and dad households. The movie is pushing the idea that families are no longer just mum and dad but now include even same sex families.

Now don’t start saying I am not tolerant. I won’t tell anyone how to live their lives but I certainly do not want a seemingly harmless movie to teach my children something different from what I believe. I do not want them to think that the way God intended families to be is up for debate. For me I have resolved to be more vocal on what I believe as a parent (before someone else does it for me.)

What Is The Agenda You Ask?

According to www.moviguide.org this agenda is not a mistake! Yes the directors and actors of the movie, confirmed that their goal through the movie is to teach your children “the different ways a family can be constructed”. He went on to say that he wants your children to be learning about LGTB families or non-committed couples as the norm from a young age!!

“I love the fact that kids will be watching this and learning that that’s the norm from a young age so they’ll never question it. I feel like that’s a much healthier way to move forward.” – Samberg.

The star of the movie your child is watching is happy. Happy because your child will be learning about alternative families such as LGTB families. If you are okay with that okay, if you are not take note.

Be Vocal As Parents

During a recent speaking engagement at a church, I said that Christian parents are focused on being politically correct. With so much noise in the world parents have to win when it comes to being the loudest voice that our children hear.

I do not blame anyone really. What I do know is that as parents we must share our values and beliefs. Train your child in the way of the Lord so that they are not easy bait for people with an agenda. They are targeting your innocent children through pictures and cartoons.

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