How to help Children adjust to wearing Masks

In this time of school resumption during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have to teach our children to adjust to wearing safety masks. Schools around the country at all levels of education have been ordered to resume activities; this order was sanction by government bodies after months of staying at home due to the pandemic. Safety regulations have been made by the government to ensure the safety of children going back to school; part of which includes the use of masks for every student, teacher, and other individuals in schools.

children wearing masks

Parents and teachers may experience difficulties in having children keep their masks on or wear them properly. Even as adults, wearing our masks for a long period is no easy feat; showing how frustrating it can be for children, especially the toddlers. As schools are resuming, and we are looking to send our children out to an unsafe world; we should teach them to develop a habit of keeping their masks on for their safety and that of others. Here are ways we can help our children adjust to wearing masks: Read Also[How to prepare for school resumption]

Teach them why masks are important

Enlightening your child about why the mask is an essential part of their safety is a good way to go. Making them aware both at home and at school of the dangers of the pandemic; on them and their friends will motivate them to maintain their safety. Eventually, they will grow accustomed to it and become an example to other children around them.

Practicing the use of masks at home

Parents can make it activity on how to wear masks properly at home for the children. Practice sessions will make it seem fun, even rewarding them for wearing it properly around the house. This will make it easier for them to get used to it when they get to their schools.

Making your own masks

children wearing masks

Some children can feel  a sense of irritation or discomfort from wearing regular masks from the public; discomforts such as difficulty breathing, itchiness, and so on will make it difficult to keep the masks on them at all times. Parents can devise a means of customizing a special mask for their child, from delicate materials that will also ensure their safety. Making use of materials from your child’s old clothes or from a cartoon character they love watching on television will encourage them to have a liking for the mask.

Use of Face Shields

Even with all that is listed above, some children can still find it difficult to keep their masks on at school; therefore, we encourage  parents and schools to make use of face shields in these situations. They are a good substitute for face masks, but they must completely cover the face of the child down to the chin level to ensure maximum safety. After use in a day, parents can apply disinfectants to the screen of the shield and ensure it’s transparent enough for their child to use.

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