copper infused blanket

Copper Infused Blanket

It is just another blanket, right? That is what I initially thought about the Copper-infused blanket. However, what piqued my interest were the benefits of the patented copper-infused technology that offers a safe, natural, environmentally friendly, non-chemical, anti-microbial solution.

copper infused blanket What’s the big deal about copper?

Copper ions are known to destroy odour-causing bacteria and fungi.

For example, a regular blanket, if not washed on a daily basis, accumulates countless bacteria, fungi and allergens. The self-sterilizing copper blankets are the perfect solution to avoid all the buildup when using regular blankets.

In addition, the Copper blankets naturally destroy bacteria and disease-causing pathogens on contact. It also eliminates the odour that comes from your sweat, absorbs excess moisture, regulates body temperature and improves your quality of sleep.

The Copper Infused Blanket 

I love snuggling up with a blanket on the couch to watch a show on Television either solo or with the children and hubby. The idea of a blanket that had self-cleaning properties was very attractive.

Here are the benefits of the blanket: 

  • Soft, warm, anti-microbial blanket
  • Natural Anti-Microbial
  • Self-Cleansing Properties
  • Soft, Comforting & Pet Friendly


I recently got the copper-infused blanket and after using it for some time, it is pretty amazing.

On Odour

Some of the benefits I have noticed include that the no odour feature is real! After several uses, the blanket has not picked up any smells from usage; compared to other regular blankets.

The antibacterial and moisture-wicking properties of copper curb foul odour and ensure that your blanket smells fresh for longer.

Freshness and Size

The blanket feels clean and fresh even after daily use. The blanket is also the perfect size for staying warm and cuddling up on the couch with the children. Because the blanket is made with a super-soft thermo-regulating fleece material, it provides extra warmth and comfort.


The copper ions are bonded on a molecular level meaning that they are permanent and will last the lifetime of the product. So this means that the purchase has long term value!

For Pets

Copper has also been used throughout history to deter ticks and mites. As a result, this copper infused blanket is highly recommended as well for use by pets.

Other Uses

The copper-infused blanket is also perfect to be used on short and long trips. It is a warm comforting wrap for children, it can be used as a nursing cover-up for mums feeding their babies and as a car seat shade.

copper infused blanket review

More Details

The Copper Blanket for Pets and Humans is safe and free of chemicals. Some additional benefits include: 

  • Natural Anti-Microbial
  • Self-Cleansing Properties
  • Soft, Comforting & Pet Friendly

For the full range of copper-infused products, you can visit here. There are products for several uses and categories, such as pregnancy, beauty, face masks and more.

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