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Diary Adventures of LagosMums: DALM | Tiwa Savage Wanted 

I read an a blog post by Naijahousewife that was a letter to Tiwa Savage about her Wanted video. I am totally out of the loop and don’t really know when a new song has come out or when a new hot video has come out. I find out about new songs and artistes when I go to children’s birthday parties.

TIWA Anyway after reading @Naijahousewife article I thought it would be good to see what she was talking about. So off I went to YouTube and watched the Tiwa Savage “Wanted” video…..and all I have to say is Hmm! Okaaay!

I also read the comments with people saying that Nigerians are being hypocritical because if this had been a Rihanna or a Nicki Minaj video then no one would have said anything. They seemed to suggest that people were hating just because Tiwa Savage is Nigerian but she should be free to express herself.

Sometime back I watched Nicki Minaj on Ellen’s show where she basically said she doesn’t believe she is a role model for children and also said that it is the job of the parents to protect their children from inappropriate material or content. I realised that she is right, artists choose how they dress, how to dance and what to sing about, their material is not for all. After this honesty from Nicki Minaj I have taken it  upon myself to aggressively sensor what my children have access to, what they watch and listen to. Artists are definitely not thinking if their songs or video are okay for my children to watch or listen to.

Back to our Tiwa’s Wanted, I was shocked when I watched the video. I generally can’t understand why women have to be subjected to sex objects to sell music. Frankly many times when they are gyrating on screen, shaking all sorts of parts I tend to think how uncomfortable they look.

So yes I wonder why she is doing this. She is a beautiful talented woman, doesn’t have to present herself half naked touching herself on screen. Unless I am wrong (and I know I am not) I do firmly believe an artist can sing songs successfully without being naked. I remember just watching her wedding on DSTV and thinking how beautiful and lovely she looked, talk about Night and Day.

I couldn’t watch the video till the end, neither did I particularly enjoy the song nor see the link between the actions and the lyrics. However I am sure I am not her target market neither does she or her producers particularly care what I think.

However why I write all this is just to remind myself  that they are not my child’s role model.  When I say they are not role models for my children this is not because I am hating on anyone rather I just honestly don’t want any of my children to think that being overly sexual and touching yourself on screen or in public is acceptable.

On a side note who has watched Konah – the South African song? Why cant more videos be this fun and enjoyable at the same time?

Just my #thoughts

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