Degrees Commanding the Highest Salaries

According to Forbes, a survey of salaries complied by Phil Gardner from Michigan State University shows degrees commanding the highest salaries are engineering degrees; in this order electrical, computer and then mechanical engineering. The average starting salaries are $57,000, $56,600 and $56,000 respectively. 

He explains that students with engineering majors are highly technical and deeply trained so they have a more immediate value to employers as they can apply their knowledge quickly to the workplace and so can command a higher salary.

The next highest paid after the engineering degrees are software design and computer programming. At the bottom of the salary ladder are Advertising, social work and psychology jobs averaging salaries below $37,000. 

See table below for the list of degrees and their average starting salaries

CERI’s chart of 25 degrees and expected starting salaries for the class of 2015


Source: Forbes


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