review your year

Reviewing your Year

I wrote a guest post on Reviewing your Year which was posted on Superworkingmum. Many of us indeed set plans for the New Year but majority of us do not spend time at the end of the year to assess and review how we have done –

  • Where did you fall short and why?
  • What did you do well and why?

Read an excerpt below….

As the year starts to wrap up to a close, companies amidst reviewing performance are planning end of year parties and corporate gifts.

For you Your Yearthere is an increased tempo in planning for the holidays, some good planners have probably started their Christmas shopping.

What about you and your personal review?

As we get ready for the end of the year this is also a good time for you to take stock of you. Are there things you had planned at the beginning of the year? Certain habits you had planned to change. Projects you undertook?

Most people start the Year with New Year resolutions but do not spend any time at the end of year assessing how they did.

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