Facing The Beauty Regime

Most of us ladies are eager to start wearing makeup, we start to experiment at some point between high school and University. We are all facing the beauty regime in some way or the other. Age, puberty, pimples, acne, oily T- zone sends us looking for various products and regimes to try and keep our faces baby smooth. On top of all the these we also have to deal with the effects of makeup, foundations, concealer, eye shadows, mascara, blush, lipstick and countless other products that add to the abuse of our skin. [Read: Caring for your T-Zone]

You might be one of the lucky ones with baby smooth skin – but at some point there will be a break out either with your periods, or the hormonal changes that could come with pregnancy.

Suddenly you look back and your skin has aged – both naturally and unnaturally. The unnatural part is what most of us ignore. Years and sometimes decades of using makeup without paying attention to the right beauty regimes eventually catches up!

Make Up

We all know the drill, but not all of us follow it right? We know we are supposed to wash off makeup before we go to bed, we know we should exfoliate, we know we should clean our makeup brushes regularly etc. I know I was one of those people who knew all this logically but yet I would tumble into bed at the end of a long day and not do any. If I did remember to wash my face at all it would just be a quick rinse.

Fast forward some years, add the havoc of not eating the healthiest diet, not drinking enough water among all the other makeup and beauty regime faux pas and my skin was dull.

I decided to spoil myself and go for a facial. The first facial I ever went for was over ten years ago after which I broke out with chicken pox so as you can imagine I have carried a fear of facials ever since.

I was not expecting this harmless facial appointment to give me the shocker I received! In my 30’s I still think of my skin as young looking and healthy. I did not think I was in any sort of danger zone yet…I was wrong.

The beautician first told me that I needed a deep cleaning, she proceeded to lecture me and gently warn that if I continued like this I would not like how my skin will look in a few years. She said we all use makeup, but many of us are lazy when it comes to caring for our face the right way. As she said “if you are going to use the makeup – then do it right and cleanse – exfoliate – moisturise”. Facials must be regular as they include steaming the face to open the pores! It is not a luxury, especially if you use any sort of makeup everyday. [Read: Some Beauty Basics]


I asked the beautician a lot of questions about skin beauty, caring for my skin and discussing what steps and products I should be using. I am a new person now. No matter how tired I am there are certain things that I do everyday now for my face. I do not want to look back and think I should have done this or that.

The final shocker was when she steered me towards a more “potent” beauty product informing me that the one I had picked was for “younger skin” chai!

Anyway ladies, if you are going to use makeup – think of your skin as it literally suffers if you do not have a healthy beauty regime. In the next post I will share the beauty regime I now follow and some tips I have picked up along the way.

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