What Your Face Needs

In the last Diary of Lagosmums post I talked about how we all need to have a beauty regime and my shocker after getting a facial. Majority of us are dealing with makeup (the good and the bad effects), diets that do not help the skin, wrong products and poor makeup removal regime. I promised to share my regime for my face.

After my facial and the lecture that I got from the beautician I have now introduced a new beauty regime for the sake of my face. Yes I do not want to look back later and think “if only i had known” so see below some of the things I do daily and weekly.African Black Soap


  • Wash – In the morning following a proper bedtime routine which cleans away all debris of makeup, a wash with a suitable soap or daily cleanser is fine. I currently like the African Black Soap by SheaMoisture, I also use the Forever Aloe Scrub every other day.
  • Toner – I use a toner after washing my face.
  • Moisturise – I moisturise and apply the oil free moisturiser from MAC which is also an oil control product.
  • Prepare – I use prep and prime from MAC to prepare my face for makeup and prevent shine, we need it to last through the Lagos heat and humidity.

During the day, I avoid piling on more powder which leads to cakey looking makeup. Rather when I feel oily during the day I use an oil control sheet and then top up with the blot powder – so reduce shine without more powder. Of course critical is a healthy diet and drinking lots of water during the day.

After a long day the bed time routine is just as important (probably more important)

Beauty Basics

  • Makeup Remover – I alternate between using virgin coconut oil to wipe off the makeup or I also use the Aloe Purifying Cleanser 
  • Washing – I wash my face with a gentle daily scrub
  • Night Repair – I apply the Estee Lauder advanced night repair serum. A little bit goes a long way especially considering the price of one bottle – also glad to know Estee Lauder is now officially in Lagos.
Weekly Deep Cleanse
  • Once a week I steam my face to open up the pores and to enable a deep cleanse.
  • After regular cleaning you will get to the point as I have, where your cotton swab is actually makeup free when you wipe your face. I never thought this was possible until I started to take my cleaning and beauty regime much more serious.
  • My dermatologist recommended the Origins Charcoal cleanser  and Origins Out of Trouble mask for deeper cleaning. 

So have fun and enjoy makeup, but be sure to also take care of your skin so as not to damage it and reduce premature ageing of your skin from neglect.

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