Fashion Friday- The Plus Size; Big, Curvy, and Bae!

Thank God it’s Friday Mums! Today we take a look at the Beautiful, bold, and curvy women around the world. These are women that are re-shaping the fashion blogging sphere a post at a time.

So if you are big, curvy, beautiful and bold with it, make a note to celebrate your fashion. Like they say variety is the spice of life. As women we come in different sizes, we must at all times in our lives learn to love and cherish ourselves no matter the size.

We are just beautiful, awesome creatures that way!

Here are a few fashion inspiration to add to your wardrobe.

[Fashion Friday – 6 ways to rock Ankara pants]

Look 1
Look 2
look 3
Look 4
Look 5

Look 3 is our absolute favourite. What’s yours?



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