Fashion Friday 6 Ways To Rock Ankara Pants

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Hello Mums! Fashion Friday is Back! This week we are feeling like Ankara pants.

Some little facts about Ankara. Ankara was formerly known as Dutch wax print and it was originally manufactured by the Dutch for the Indonesian textile market. These prints garnered significantly more interest in West Africa than in Indonesia. As a result of this opportunity, the Dutch decided to focus on West Africa. As such, the prints changed to reflect African culture and lifestyle more. African print was henceforth born. As you might suspect, this is the condensed gist of the issue. The Eccentric Yoruba can give you the main story here.

We are sure the Dutch could never imagine what Africans would do with Ankara!

Ankara can be used to make a fashion statement for yourself ranging from Ankara Tops to Ankara pants, even to the Ankara accessories like bags and shoes etc.

Now lets see some awesome looks below!

Ankara Pants Inspiration


#1 Look: Mummy and Me Ankara Pants Twinning 
#2 Look: Inspiration by Tonto Dikeh


#3 Look: Dressed Up Ankara Pants 


#4 Look: Dakore Egbusan Akande Inspiration 
#5 Look: Elongate your legs!
#6 Look: Jumpsuit 

So Yummy mums which of the Looks are you willing to try?


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