Federal Government Updates on the Reopening of Schools in Nigeria

According to fresh news, The Federal Government of Nigeria has updated it’s earlier decision to reopen schools. Schools will not reopen until the coronavirus pandemic drastically subsides.


Recently, The Federal Executive Council held a virtual meeting in the State House. In the meeting, the Minister of Education; Mallam Adamu Adamu said that Nigerian schools will not reopen until the coronavirus pandemic subsides.

This countered the Federal Government’s earlier thoughts about allowing students of graduating classes to resume.  These included pupils and students of Primary 6, JSS 3 and SSS3. The Federal Government earlier planned to allow such students resume on the 13th of July, in order to prepare for their graduating exams. 

Fears on Resumption

In more recent news, The Minister of Education Mallam Adamu stated one of the fears of reopening of schools. This being; the fear of exposing children to the dangers of the coronavirus.

With realities such as students’ population, inadequate classrooms, poor sanitary conditions and shortfall in the number of teaching hands. Some experts insisted that the schools are unprepared for emergencies like coronavirus.

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The Fate of Nigerian Students’ Graduating Exams

WAEC has no right to determine resumption date for schools in Nigeria.

It has been made know by Mallam Adamau that The Federal Government will not allow Nigerian students participate in the Senior School Certificate Exam (SSCE) holding on the 4th of August.

Mr Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba earlier announced that the WAEC (West African Examination Council) exams would hold from 4th of August to 5th of September. The Federal Government made this announcement on the 6th of July; at the Presidential Task Force on Covid-19 daily briefing – Abuja.


However, Mallam Adamu insists that WAEC (West African Examination Council) cannot determine resumption dates for Nigerian schools. Nigerian students will not sit for the WAEC exams and schools will not reopen until the coronavirus pandemic subsides considerably.

Dr Mymunah Kadiri of Pinnacle Medical Services has taken to her Instagram account to express her frustrations. She expresses how the indecision of The Federal Government is frustrating for both parents and children alike. Part of her complains center around making the WAEC exam a virtual exam that students can sit for, out of the classroom. 


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