France Bans Student’s Use Of Smartphones In Schools During School Hours

It is common knowledge that children are digital natives and the advantages of technology to their everyday lives are quite substantial especially when it comes to doing research and homework. But what happens when their devices are distracting them instead of helping them?

France bans student's use of smartphones

French students returning to school after the summer break this year will not be able to use cellphones at any point during the day, including mealtimes as France bans student’s use of smartphones in schools during School hours.

The nationwide ban, which includes tablets and smartwatches, covers all students under 15. While a ban on cellphones during class hours was already in place since 2010, the new law extends to breaks and mealtimes. The government hopes to reduce children’s dependence and distraction by phones.

France bans student's use of smartphones

French President Emmanuel Macron introduced the law amid fears that students were becoming too dependent on and distracted by their smartphones. Schools are free to choose themselves if they will implement the ban for students over 15 and they will independently deal with the logistics of how students will not have access to their phones. There are also some exceptions to the ban, such as for students with disabilities.

Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer in June hailed the legislation as “a law for the 21st century,” and said it would improve discipline among France’s 12 million schoolchildren, Agence France-Presse reported. “Being open to technologies of the future doesn’t mean we have to accept all their uses,” he said.

Gender equality / France bans student's use of smartphones

Do you think this is too strict or is this what the children need to help improve their focus in school? What are your child’s schools policies on cell phone use? What will your child’s reaction be if this ban is implemented in Nigerian schools? Let us know their reaction in the comment section or tweet @LagosMums

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