Unleash The Tech Genius In Your Child With MyProDG



The Future

The global economy is currently undergoing a revolution, and STEM-related innovations now play a key role in this. The rate of adoption of technology in different fields is on the rise, and there’s a need for more technical solutions to the problems faced by nations and individuals alike.

The Present


We all know – and research has proven – that the current system of “mass-produced” education isn’t sufficient for the development of every child’s unique ability for creative and technical thinking.

There has to be a better approach to technology education.


myProDG is an academy that facilitates the education of kids in the STEM subjects, focusing on coding (computer programming) and engineering with personal one-on-one sessions all in the convenience of your homes.

The platform gives you access to its network of hand-picked home tutors who have extensive experience in the tech scene and have a passion to pass this drive to the next generation of builders and tinkers.

Curriculums used for the lessons are unique to each student, as they are developed with the individual child’s interests and preferences in mind.

This way every child is at the center of her own universe.

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How It Works

Getting your kid on myProDG can be done in just a few steps, as listed below:

1. Subscribe for a module on the website.
2. Specify a location and time for a class.
3. A myProDG tutor comes over for a 2-hour session with the student every Saturday.
4. The parent receives progress reports after each session.

As the name goes, myProDG is creating prodigies from each kid that enrolls in the program.

We believe that every child is born a tech genius, and we’re here to prove it!

Are you ready to unleash the tech genius in your child today?

Enroll your kid for a module on https://www.myprodg.com with the coupon code “LAGOSMUMS2018” and get a free session.




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