From Lagos Brides To LagosMums – Lagos Bridal Fashion Week 2018

The LagosMums team was part of  the maiden edition of the Lagos Bridal Fashion Week in Nigeria which held over the weekend (May 4th-6th 2018). It was a much expected success, makes you wonder why Lagos (being one of the biggest and dominant cities in Africa) is just taking part of a culture that has been prevalent in other top cities in the world, the likes of Paris, New York, London, etc. 

The 3-day event slated for 10am till 10pm each day witnessed individuals and brands associated with the wedding industry come out en masse. With over 20 physical stalls for clothing, makeup, jewellery and every brand associated with the wedding industry.


There were masterclasses for participants ranging from practical makeup classes to discussions on building fashion brands by industry experts such as Mai Atafo, Toju Foyeh, Yemi Shoyemi, Hudayya and many more. It was a splendid experience, the atmosphere during the runway electrifying. If one had no prior connection with the fashion industry, it’s no exaggeration to state that one could’ve easily fallen in love with the fashion industry just being a part of the masterclasses.

The tricky feeling for the single ladies in attendance however is the sudden urge to splurge on their wedding day.


Lagos Brides to LagosMums

Lagos Bridal Fashion Week

From Lagos Brides to LagosMums, what are the things to keep in mind before and during this transition.

1.  Do You Start Having Babies Immediately?

Already a common trait in Nigeria, there is an immediate expectation for newly-wed couples to start making babies. But why do newly-weds rush into it? Many see it as a validation of fertility, a medium to silence the judgemental critics also known as society. The power of a lengthy quality honeymoon can not be underestimated. Rushing into making babies just immediately after tying the knot has somewhat become a culture.

It is not a bad idea to spend time alone as a married couple because babies do change everything. [Read: Preparing for a baby]


2. How Much Should You Spend On Your Wedding?

In Nigeria, weddings are seen as statements, so couples and their families (most especially) go overboard to have an expensive wedding. But at what cost? Newly-wed couples are eventually left all alone with huge debts after wedding and spend the first few months (or years in some cases) to regain financial stability. Yes, it’s the day you have been dreaming about for so long, everything has to be perfect, but remember to look ahead. Have a budget for your wedding and remember that you can have an awesome wedding on any budget. Keep certain things in mind that are must haves such as great makeup and hair, good photographer and videographer to capture the moments, your dress, venue, food and drinks.

Life after the wedding will also be expensive such as a new house, furniture and many other costs to setting up home as a couple. [Read: Don’t let the wedding ruin your marriage]

3. Are You Ready For The Change?

Change as the saying goes is the only constant thing in life; how we adjust/acclimatise to it is what defines us as humans. From being “single” to becoming a “wife” to becoming a “mum” comes with new demands! Motherhood plus wifehood will require changes to your lifestyle. Going for pre-marital counselling is advisable and it could be helpful to get some other mums around you for tips and to form your support system.

How do you split your time between you spouse and your child(ren) as time goes on? Do you invest all your time in your children that you stop paying attention to your spouse? Balance is key.

4. Have a Financial Plan

Your Financial health is very important! If you were not used to having a budget before you got married now that you are a new family unit having a financial plan is critical. You should have a discussion (before you got married) on finance and money matters. Will you have a joint account? will you split the bills? how much can you set aside for entertainment etc. Discuss how you will save and invest for the future. You can start saving for a baby before birth, good thing you have nine months to plan before you start paying school fees.

Above all enjoy the journey! Thanks to “Call Her Classic” for hosting us to a hugely successful Lagos Bridal Fashion Week 2018. We can’t wait for the next edition.

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