Funny pregnancy myths

11 Funny Pregnancy Myths you will be told as an Expectant mum

During pregnancy and as an expectant mum, there are a lot of funny myths or old wives tales you will hear on a daily basis. Here is a roundup of 11 funny pregnancy myths you will likely hear or be told as an expectant mum

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So you don’t turn out to be that frantic expectant mum who calls her OB/GYN by 2 am because she wants to be sure something she did is not affecting the baby… it happens. Which of these myths are true and which are false?

Funny pregnancy myths

Myth 1: You’ll have morning sickness in the morning

We definitely had to treat that first. Everybody everywhere says you’ll have morning sickness in the “morning”. In fact, it seems to be the only pregnancy symptom that should be common. However, the truth is that you won’t necessarily have morning sickness in the “morning “. It could be at any time in the day.

Myth 2 : Pregnant women should eat for two.

Does eating for two really mean you get to eat twice as much of everything?  Not necessarily. See how many calories you need during pregnancy. Remember to eat healthily and follow your doctor’s advice.

Myth 3: You shouldn’t have sex, you shouldn’t touch your toes or lift your hands over your head while pregnant:

They’re all not true unless you have a specific medical condition and your doctor warns you against it. However, you should avoid any heavy lifting. And I hear sex helps to lull the baby to sleep.

Myth 4: Drink lots of water when you’re pregnant or your baby will come out dirty.

I can’t express enough shock over this one!

Myth 5: If you crave any food, your baby will love the food

That is not even as funny as the myth that says if you resist any food cravings, your baby will look like the food you resisted… what??

Myth 6: You shouldn’t take hot baths while pregnant.

True, actually. You should avoid saunas, Jacuzzis or anything that raises your body temperature over 102 degrees. Warm baths are okay to relax your muscle

Myth 7: If you stay mad at someone while pregnant, your baby will resemble that person

Lol, there’s another one that goes like this, if someone crosses your leg, your baby will also look like that person. Nothing can be more far from the truth than this.

Myth 8: Pregnant women should sleep on their left side.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not a myth. What’s the safest sleep position during pregnancy? After your fifth month, your back is definitely not best in order to avoid compressing the abdominal aorta, side sleeping is okay but the left side is the best.

Myth 9: The baby’s position in the womb can tell you its sex.

So not true. The line on the skin stretching below the navel is no clue to whether your baby’s a boy or girl. You just can’t tell from outside the womb.  If you really want to know the gender of the baby, just go for an ultrasound. Thank God for technology

Myth 10: The shape of your stomach will tell you your baby’s shape

The tale goes that if you’re carrying the baby low, it’s a boy, or if you’re carrying high, it’s a girl. Not only is this false, but it’s also more a reflection of the shape the expectant mum is in.

Myth 11: Your water will break before delivery

This one is particularly funny because we hear it all the time. It’s the one sign to show that baby is on its way. The truth is, your water won’t necessarily break. The fact that it happens to most mums doesn’t mean there’s something wrong if it doesn’t happen to you. You and your baby will be absolutely fine.

Expectant mums shouldn’t choose to follow pregnancy advice from friends and family that aren’t grounded in medical science. Most times these things are harmless but you have to keep in mind that it could be harmful to do what a pregnancy myth or tale suggests.

If a myth suggests that you contradict your doctor’s medical advice or that you should take something your doctor didn’t recommend, please, flee!

Avoid anything that makes you extremely fearful for your baby’s health and remember that stress on the mother can be harmful to the baby.

Share your thoughts about these myths with us, your opinion is gold. Also, are there any other funny pregnancy myths you have heard as an expectant mum?

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Stay safe… From Lagosmums, with love?

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