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The Perfect Printer your Small Business Needs

While running a small business and working from home, there are certain tools you cannot do without. The HP Neverstop 1200 is the perfect printer your small business needs. I think the increased time spent on screens has led to my desire to hold physical paper when I need to read something.

What makes this printer quite amazing is the ease of setup, the seamless connection to the HP App from the Apple store or Google Play store and being able to print wirelessly at a tap of a button on either my smartphone or laptop.



The printer helps productivity with the seamless way the app integrates to your documents. I used Google drive and after downloading the app, I was able to connect to my Google drive, pick my documents from there and print right from my phone. Points for ease of use.

It also has wireless capabilities, and once the printer is connected to your wifi provider it is ready to work. All you need is to download the HP Smart App, put on your printer and connect to your wi-fi provider. All the steps are easy to follow right from the App.

Perfect for small business

You might want to print out documents, print invoices or delivery notes. The printer prints out 20 pages per minute which is quite fast.

In addition, the printer has a new technology which lets you monitor your toner levels and top up without any interruptions.

If you print a lot and you are always running out of toner, the new HP Neverstop Laser Printer is for you. This is because this cartridge-free solution is designed to help you work smarter with the lowest reload costs. You will get up to 5000 pages right out of the box before your first reload. Lastly, it prints only black and white which works fine for a small business.

Other features

Right now you can get an instant 3-year warranty. HP is currently offering an additional 2 years warranty with the standard 1 year within 60 days of purchase.

You can get your printer from an authorized dealer “Office R Us on Jumia“ and enjoy the ongoing sale while it lasts including free delivery within Lagos.

To get more details on the printer, visit the hp website here; Download the HP Smart App from Google Play Store here or from the Apple Store here.

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