Healthy Lifestyle For The Whole Family

Health is the most essential aspect of our lives, and infact, our existence depends on our health and well-being. We all agree with the popular saying that “Health is Wealth“.

World Health Day which is observed worldwide on 7th of April every year is a day dedicated to spreading awareness about equal healthcare facilities worldwide and the importance of health and wellness.  The theme this year is Universal Health Coverage Universal Health Coverage and the slogan is “Health for All.”

While the Nigerian health-care sector is doing it’s “best” to ensure that we all have access to Universal Health Coverage, as the bedrock of society, it is our duty to incorporate a healthy lifestyle for the whole family. So a healthy lifestyle has to be for the whole family it cannot just be for the children or parents alone.

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Eating meals together, making exercise fun are some of the ways that healthy lifestyle for the whole family can become a permanent part of your lives forever. A child who grows up seeing healthy living as part of a “lifestyle” will most likely grow up to be a healthy adult. When something becomes a habit and therefore a lifestyle, it is easier to self-regulate and stay on track.

There are several ways that it can be incorporated for the whole family, remember that children learn most effectively by what they see and not what they are told. It is not possible for the children to be asked to eat vegetables and fruits daily while others are not living by these same rules. Maybe instead of a piece of apple, daddy is eating a slice of pizza; or instead of a side of vegetables mummy piles on a mound of rice!

So here are some tips for the whole family to stay healthy together
Be a good role model.

Research shows that children and teens really do listen to their parents, and follow what they see their parents doing. It’s likely if you eat well, move more, and spend less time in front of the TV or computer, your kids will, too.

Have Mealtime Together.

When you eat meals together as a family not only do you benefit from family time together, but you also get to reinforce what your children are eating and make sure everyone is eating healthy. It might surprise you how many children are consuming indomie on a daily basis because it is easy for the nanny to make. No food needs to be totally cut out – but a balanced meal is important. Make snack time healthy with fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy to help your child get all the nutrients he needs. even when snacking.

[Download a Meal Timetable for the family here.]

Exercise Together.

Make exercise fun, move together as a family and children will grow up with the habit of exercising. Everything we eat is stored as energy and if this is not expended it causes an imblanace. There are many ways to get everyone moving as a family. It will differ for each family, but simple things like stretching every morning, getting an exercise DVD for home use, going for a walk around the neighbourhood. My favourite one is dancing with the kids, we have fun and we burn calories together.

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Emotional Health.

Have time to relax, relieve stress and spend time communicating and bonding as a family. There is no substitute for a family where the parents are engaged in the childs life. This is one of the surest ways to ensure that you are part of your child’s life, you are able to impart your values into your children. When a family is happy they live healthier lifestyles. Do you know how Modern Mental Health affects families? Read more here

Reduce Screen time.

This is one of the major ways to ensure that a family is healthy. ExpertsExperts advice reducing screen time to two hours a day for children. “Screen time”Screen time” means television screens, computer monitors, and even the handheld devices we use for checking email, listening to music, watching TV, and playing video games. Once again children will learn from what they see you doing, so if you are on the computer or your smart device all day, they will tend towards this as well.

Are there some other tips you can share on how to live a healthy lifestyle as a family? Share with us

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