Healthy Living – What You Don’t Know Can Kill You

When it comes to what you put into your system what you don’t know can kill you. And this was discussed extensively on the Healthy Living panel at LagosMums 5th Annual Parenting Conference And Exhibition.

There are four ways things enter into our body – Nose, Mouth, Skin and Genitals. Anything we put into the body through these channels automatically goes into your body and bloodstream. Ignorance is not bliss and knowledge is power – It’s important to make time for a healthy lifestyle to avoid battling with sickness’ later.

There was a focus on the importance of proper nutrition and skin care for the children and family.

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In terms of proper nutrition;

A balanced diet is very important. It’s not just about not eating too much carbs or fats. Everything we eat should be in moderation. Instead of eating processed foods that have chemicals and preservatives, our goal should be to eat as close to the ground as possible. Local foods are very nutritious and affordable, so let’s get rid of the misconception that  expensive or foreign foods are better. The speakers emphasized on the fact that what we eat can make or mar us. It is better to be safe than sorry. {Read: Download a Meal Timetable for the Family]

In terms of skincare;

We should get to a point where everything we use on our skin is made from natural products. It is quite disheartening to note that, in the bid for producers to meet consumers needs and preserve their goods, often times, they use products that are harmful to our health. Your duty as a consumer should be to ensure that the skin products you buy do not contain harmful ingredients. [Read; Do you know? Your skincare might be killing you]

skincare what you don't know can kill you

Don’t just say God forbid, take responsibility for your health. Make time for your health now while you can. To be on the safe side, go natural.

So many nuggets were shared on the Healthy Living panel with Rayo Abe – Founder LagosHouseWife, Damola Ladejobi – Fitness and healthy living coach and founder @AskDAmz, Dr. Patrick Ijewere – Internal medical physician and Tamara Egbedi – a lawyer, the founder of Makeda Beauty and co-founder of PachaMama Foods as the moderator.

L-R: Tamara Egbedi, Rayo Abe, Yetty Williams, Damola Ladejobi and Patrick Ijewere

CD’s for the whole panel session will be available soon at an affordable price. You can pre-order by sending a mail to [email protected]. Stay healthy always!

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