What Giants are you Facing?

OvercomeDo you have a dream? Do you have a vision? Then you should be asking yourself what giants are you are facing. When you do have a dream and it is according to God’s will for your life, you can almost expect that there will be some giants you are facing. Some will be external and some will be internal that seem to be in the way of your goal.

It is helpful to be able to identity the different types of giants that you could be faced with. David had to face the big obvious giant, Goliath, however as with most people there are other less obvious giants to deal with on the way (e.g. his brother)

1) Delay – No dream is fulfilled immediately. You start by having a dream but It may take days, months or even years for the dream to be fulfilled. There will be a waiting period that can also be seen as a delay How you handle this period of delay is a strong indicator for how the dream will turn out.  When you have a dream, it is likely to contradict or not be in tune with others ideas for your life. Sometimes family can be a cause of delay as you navigate other people’s agendas in your life.

2) Discouragement – Who are you listening to? who says it cannot be done? Who is putting down your dreams, saying it will never happen? Are you facing discouragement because of the state of the economy and you are therefore wondering if this dream of yours will ever come through. Sometimes you just need a fresh voice, focus and consistency to see your dream come through. Surround yourself with positive influence to help combat discouragement.

3) Disapproval – God might give you a dream that other people are afraid of and therefore it is possible that you will be misjudged and misunderstood as you go ahead with your dream. You have to decide what matters more to you — the approval of other people or the approval of God and your sense of achievement at following your dream.

4) Doubt – You might have doubt. When you have a dream it is not unlikely for there to be doubt, either from people who you look up to, or perhaps people you see as experts. They might doubt your dream and wonder if you can achieve it and this can cause you to doubt yourself.

The most effective way to overcome giants in your path is to have faith that God who gave you the dream will give you the strength to see it through. Keep praying to tear down every barrier that stands in the way of your dream.

Culled from Rick Warren 

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