Highlights from Dukes Education Webinar

Dukes Education webinar was held on Friday, 26th of February, 2021; with parents wanting to find the best universities for their children who want to study in the UK. The online event was a success, thanks to the insightful speakers and wonderful attendees.


Speakers were introduced by the host, Yetty Williams, and were asked to give highlights their schools. These speakers include Henrietta Lightwood, the group marketing and admissions director for Dukes education; Jon Peach, director of marketing for Earlscliffe school; Alistair Brownlow, the principal of Rochester Independent College; and, Mark Brooks, MBA director/educational consultant. Yetty Willaims commented on how parents don’t have to wait till the due date to begin to find ways on getting their children into top schools in the UK.

Yetty Williams highlighted that the webinar was held to ensure parents interested in having their children in the top schools in the UK are getting the right information they need; children are also getting the right information they need to start to position themselves for the best education that they can access.

Yetty Williams asked for a general overview of Duke’s Education and When the best time to start to prepare is?

Mrs. Lightwood responded by stating, Duke’s Education is a family of schools and educators brought together through a common purpose; to give children the foundation children rely upon for education. Mrs. Lightwood went further to mention that Dukes Education is now one of the biggest Education providers in the UK; they have everything from nursery to day school, but boarding schools option is the main focus for the webinar. It was mentioned that Cardiff College and Rochester College also work as a leader for summer schools. Summer camp can be a key stage when thinking about your child’s journey through Education and University.

“As a whole group, we have a huge amount of experience in advising our students ongoing on to university; examples are, Cardiff college has 100% of its students go on to top universities not just in the Uk but around the world; 17 went to Oxbridge this year, 26 to Imperial College, 26 London School of Economics, 32 at University College London”, she said Mrs. Lightwood. Then she talked about how must parents begin to plan the journey of their children from the moment they are choosing the nursery.

She highlighted that children go through different stages, they go from nursery to primary school, from primary to secondary. And while all this is going on, aside from thinking of University as an option parents can also consider summer school opportunities; where their children can go to mix up with children around the world.

University support starts in the 6th form, students are given extensive support.

The first-day students arrive at our college, we start by meeting the students, looking at the a-level options they choose, know the ideas they have for their career and then they are given a bespoke individuals process which normally does last between 14 to 18 months depending on the university the students are thinking about getting into. Students are taken through a whole journey.

The speakers introduced their schools and highlighted what the school looks out for in students.

Jon Peach (Earlscliffe)

Earlscliffe school is a small independent international school; a family environment with 5 boarding houses (3 for boys and 2 for girls) with children of ages (15-19). They want their students to feel like young adults; students have a chef team on site. Students looking for a multi-cultural vibe will enjoy their stay at Earlscliffe; as it is filled with students from everywhere in the world which can help increase their world view; also, a house manager that lives onsite with the students which parents can contact to get in touch with their children; to ensure they are where they need to be at all times. 

The facilities at Earlscliffe are excellent with students living in either twin or single rooms. All students are aged 15 – 19, and we want them to feel like a young adult, also having an element of independence. Students are prepared to get into university; once at Earlscliffe you have to succeed, you have to sort your routine out. “Here at Earlscliffe, we are not looking to make professors and calculators, we are looking to make strong people”, said Mr. Peach.

highlightsEarlscliffe has accommodation for 4 to 5 students per class, and they are nonselective; students are hereby tested to ensure they are put at the right level. Total quality is unique to Earlscliffe college, everything is quality. From the food to the coffee, teachers, branding, and logo.

 Things we look out for in our students:

  •     Passion
  •     Open to learning
  •     Motivated
  •     Open to change
  •     Kind
  •     Open in Knowledge

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Alistair Brownlow (Rochester College)

Rochester has a real focus on University entry. The students that come to Rochester have very clear directions; Rochester is safe and secure, also is one of the top-rated schools for value-added progress at A-level. One of the things Rochester prides itself on is the progress children make when they come to the school. Rochester is strict on monitoring students’ progress.


One of the things done at Rochester is keeping parents in touch; so they know what the school is doing which helps in making them comfortable and confident. Mr. Brownlow also stated there is a sports facility on-site for the students. Healso highlighted on flying pigs will be spotted on campus when things get back to normal; and the aim of this is to make students realize the impossible dream.

Henrietta Lightwood (Cardiff Sixth Form College)

Cardiff has been one of the top schools in the UK for over 11 years now. Mrs. Lightwood stated how the staff of Duke’s education helps the children through every process. Henrietta also stated on Cardiff being the top school for A-level results; Cardiff enrolls students who are bright and are given the tools to get the best result possible to go onto top universities. Students are also trained to go to other universities, not just in the UK but anywhere in the world they choose

A one-year GCSE program is done in Cardiff College as well as a work experience program and critical thinking support. Accommodation provided to students is also safe and secure. Individual guidance is given to students till they get into university; also with extracurricular activities available for flavor and a sense of enjoyment for students on campus. Accommodation is amazing, all standard, safe and secure environment. Students understand giving back is as important as taking. Cardiff is a great option worth looking at for your children.

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Mark Brooks (Mark Brooks Education)

Mr. Brooks commented on Nigerians making education one of their top priorities; he also complimented Nigerian students on being uniquely talented and quick to rise to the top. “They are always very focused, gifted in sports, drama, creative arts, and gets along with everyone on campus”, he stated. He also stated happiness is something to look out for, as students are transformed. Mr. Brooks mentioned that when considering a school, happiness is one of the main factors to look for. He commented that all-around education also makes a great school; he commented it’s not just about what goes on in the classroom but identifying full potentials through things like drama competitions, educational trips, and so on.

Parents compliment on the transformation of their children when they visit. All the hard work of admission is taken care of by Mark Brooks Education; they handle the introduction and help match children to the best school. Nigerian students thrive in Dukes’ schools because they are focused; the staff offers the right support, and also the right amount of pressure that helps the students.

Why choose an Educational Consultant?

Mr. Brooks continued by saying “because we do all the hard work for you; we do the introduction to the right school, we help the families with all the paperwork(registration forms, and fees). We also do the matchmaking between the students and the schools”.

He also highlighted the one-year foundation course done by all dukes college; also stating it is a great option for students that have done WAEC. The Duke’s foundation course is a great option for students who have done the WAEC; and still aspire to attend one of the top universities in the UK. The Duke’s foundation course also opens up opportunities for participants to gain admission into the top 20 universities in the UK. 

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Questions from the Webinar from Parents

1. Cost implications for the schools.

You can learn more about each school by clicking on their prospectus below:

2. Does Rochester prepare students to school in the US as well?

A response was given saying yes; students are prepared and given the best opportunities to study in major fields; in the US, European universities, and any university of their choice

3. Can day students come in?

Yes they can as the schools make that possible; to this, Mrs. Lightwood urged parents to consider boarding as this helps in grooming their children to become independent

4. Are scholarships awarded?

Yes, scholarships are rewarded on academic results; students can apply for academic scholarships and are to apply at the same time registration into the college begins. Scholarship exams will be taken which is worth up to 50% of the tuition of the fee; they are however awarded if applied for, and the children meet certain criteria as set by the school

5. What are the current challenges the pandemic  poses when it comes to admissions processes?

A response was given by Mrs. Lightwood indicating that there has been an increase in applications from Nigeria; saying also that now is a good time to apply, if you’re thinking about enrolling your child into one of the top universities in the UK.

If you have any questions about the schools or want to learn more about applying; you can contact the schools via email at [email protected]. And be sure to mention you learned about them from “LagosMums”.

Interested in getting the replay of the educational webinar? Click here to access the Replay.


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