Bored during the summer

How Being Bored During The Summer Leads to Mischief

Tired from the long day, Tinuke was making great plans of how she would pamper herself when she got home. The children are home on their summer holiday so this would not be easy. How she would sneak past the living room and get to her haven for some me time was not yet clear. In fact she was just telling her friends how being bored during the summer was something else.

Summer Means Constant Calls

She seems to get a call from them every minute with the chief complaint being  “mummy Tobi called me stupid”. This was typically followed with her explaining that it was wrong to call someone stupid, followed by asking him to apologize to his sister.

Then a few minutes after that, her phone rings again, “mummy! Salewa would not let me watch anything on TV, she is selfish! She also called me a brat!” while speaking, she could hear Salewa trying to get the phone, she had to go into another sermon.

She is actually beginning to regret the statement she made to them.  “Sweeties call mummy if you need anything” she smiled. Now see the kind of wahala she had put herself in. Her phone rings over twenty times a day with the children calling her to report or complain. I guess this is what being bored during the summer leads to!

Bored during the summer



Boredom, Summer and Mischief

She had gotten used to having her phone ring non-stop but she was not ready at all for this last call! Salewa had called in, but not for what she thought was the usual tantrum. She was shocked to hear her 4 year old Tobi, had torn some pages from his books, rolled them up, and lit them with a match. He then put on his dads oversized shirt, saying he was mimicking KZee, a rapper he saw on TV!

She jumped out of her skin imagining the worst, she shouted; “where was Joy”? the first question that came to her mind, wasn’t she suppose to keep an eye on them? Standing and pacing her office, she asked to speak to Tobi immediately. According to his sister he had gone to the kitchen to get some more matches, as the one he lit had burnt out. At this point she wanted to pass out!

Recalling the event on her drive home, she decided smacking that nonsense out of him would just add to her own fatigue. She would have a stern talk with Joy to understand why she would leave them alone at home. Quickly after this she would start looking for a summer program to take them to – at least it would keep them occupied and safe.

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