multitasking is bad for you

Do You Know? Multitasking Is Bad For You

Many researchers believe that the human brain is unable to perform two or more tasks at the same time, as suggested by the word multitasking. Do you know that multitasking is bad for you?

multitasking is bad for youYou tend to access the Internet on the phone, watch TV and send text messages by peers simultaneously. Then social media such as Facebook and Instagram started to appear over time, and you could talk to your mothers at the dinner table, living on the web.

It may seem that you are doing a lot of things at the same time; but what you are doing is quickly shifting your attention from one thing to another.

Frequent multitasking tasks are worse because they have more problems with sorting out thoughts and filtering insignificant information, and they also change extremely slowly from one task to the next. Multitasking reduces performance and efficiency, because the brain can concentrate on only one thing at a time.

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How multitasking is bad for you

1. Multi-tasking makes it harder to organize thoughts and filter insignificant information, which reduces the efficiency and quality of our work.

2. If you do a lot of things and tasks at the same time, maybe it would be better to integrate information in the long run. But will the quality of your work be as good as it could be if you gave everyone a full focus?

3. If multitasking actually damages the anterior collarbone cortex (the most important part of the brain area for EQ), as suggested by current research, it will lower your EQ in this process.

4. Stanford’s research team has recently studied 100 students to assess how multitasking can affect the brain. It does affect the brain negatively.

5. It can also cause you to make mistakes in what you’re working on. Especially if one or more actions involve critical thinking.

6. Teenagers certainly have a lot of multitasking exercises and although they may not pay as much “tax”as adults, they are not able to perform many tasks at once. In other words, they are not able to do many tasks at the same time.

7. It is easy to direct our attention from one thing to another, but the mental strength behind multitasking can be very burdensome.

8. Multitasking is intended to increase the production of cortisol stress hormone, as well as the production of adrenaline hormone to fight or fly, which can overestimate the brain and cause haze or coded thinking.

9. Multitasking creates a dopamine feedback loop, effectively rewarding the brain for loss of sharpness and a continuous search for external stimulation.

11. Juggling with many tasks and responsibilities may seem like the best way to do many things, but as you can see, trying to do more than one thing at a time can actually reduce productivity. [Read: Tips for Managing Work Life Balance]

So instead of switching between writing a report for the school and completing mathematical assignments, you should spend 20 minutes on one task before going to another task and focus your attention on the next.

I read in one article on multitasking: “If you think that you are a good multitasking man, then in fact you are probably worse on it than most people.



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