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How To Give The Cold Shoulder With Your Clothes

TGIF! For Yummy LagosMums, have you  considered wearing the new look that lets you give a cold shoulder? thank goodness it’s only through your clothes! Fashionistas and designers have taken a creative angle to it by putting a spin on the cut out shoulder look.
So whether it’s off to work (depending on your type of work), or a family friendly gathering the cold shoulder works. It is easy to wear, and it is easy to make it as peek-a-boo or covered up as you want. Get inspired mums and enjoy! I heard a topic on radio discussing whether women should dress differently after they get married or not? You be the judge! What do you think?

Fashion Looks

Look 1: FashionPheeva


Look 2:

Cold shoulder fashion look ankara

Look 3: CompleteFashion 


Look 4: Nordstrom


Look 5: Vivian’s Blog

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