How To Know If You Are A 21st-Century Mum

There have been mums for centuries and there will be mums to come forever. Motherhood styles differ by culture and depending on the specific generation, there will be some marked differences in parenting. So how do you know if you are a “typical” 21st Century Mum?

Is there something like a 21st Century mum? Perhaps you are wondering how and if mums today are different from the past? The main difference and characteristic of the 21st-century mum are the involvement of the internet and technology in parenting.

How To Know If You Are a 21st Century Mum

  1. What is a camera? You no longer use a camera because the megapixels on your smartphone and or iPad is good enough to take pictures and record every activity. You take pictures of your child when they sleep, at every school play and when they paint their homework. If this is you, you are a 21st-century mum!
  2. Happy Birthday DP: You upload a picture of your child and make this your DP on the birthday of said child. In fact, you might do a collage of pictures that show your child from the day he or she was born through the years. You might even create a Hashtag for the birthday! If this is you, you are a 21st-century mum!
  3. Screen Time: Your children have access to some kind of touch-screen or handheld device. Children today seem “technology able-d” and can do things on smartphones that we cannot even figure out. If you have ever threatened to take away a device or cut off the internet, then you are a 21st-century mum!21st century parenting
  4. Homework: You have relied on google at least once to help you get through your child’s homework! Homework today includes research, printing, and relies on technology to get done.
  5. Extra Curricular: You have signed your child up for at least one extracurricular activity. The 21st-century mum knows that getting all A’s is not enough, your child needs to be good at something other than school work. Hello 21st Century mum!
  6. Allergies: Children are exposed to increased levels of pollution and, more processed and unnatural foods. These all contribute to allergies and as a result more parents have to deal with these.21st century mum
  7. Multi-Tasking: The 21st Century mum does not do just one thing! She is a banker but is also a blogger, she is a stay at home but also a mumpreneur. The point is most mums today are balancing more than one hat. Mums today display to their children that passion, drive, dedication, and project management are key skills that they will require for their lives.
  8. Prayer Warrior: With all the influences of the world, the wise 21st-century mum is a prayer warrior. She understands the importance of covering her children and her family under God’s banner. On a daily basis, she releases prayers to protect her children and family from any danger out there. Also known as #Wake #Pray #Slay!

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The main thing about the 21st Century mum is that she is multi-faceted and a multi-tasking genius. She is also technologically savvy and probably a social media champion. she wants to do the best for her child and is never far away from a google to get an answer to a problem or a question, and she follows @lagosmums!

Are there some other signs of a 21st-century mum? Share with us.

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