How To Know If Your Child Has Dyslexia

Dyslexia: The reason why your kid might be struggling with learning.

It is the dream of every parent to raise the perfect kid. Maybe not “perfectly perfect” but to have at least certain attributes that should make you proud; smart, agile, humble, bubbly, outspoken, obedient and sweet and so you toil ceaselessly and pray endlessly to have kids who are an exact replica of your thoughts.

Sometimes, we do not always get what we want and when you see your kid exhibiting the exact opposite of what you hoped for, you begin to criticize yourself and probably blame it on bad parenting on your part. However, this is not always the truth.

There are certain kids who have learning disabilities you cannot control. Dyslexia is one of such disabilities and it affects millions of kids in Nigeria today but the problem is some schools and parents as well have no idea about such learning difficulties and they constantly pick on a child who learns differently and doesn’t know how to adapt to the traditional methods of teaching as found in our school curriculum.


What is Dyslexia?

It is a learning disability that makes learning very difficult for kids, not just learning in school but learning generally.

Why is learning difficult for dyslexics.

Humans are generally left brain thinkers but the dyslexics are right brain thinkers and it is quite unfortunate that learning generally has been structured solely for the left brain thinkers. This can be likened to asking a left handed individual to start being right handed; this would definitely take time and a lot of getting used to by the left handed individual.

This also applies to a dyslexic who is being forced to learn in a way that is not suitable for his brain or in a way that the dyslexic brain does not understand. Note that no matter how much you try to force feed the dyslexic brain into understanding what is not meant for it, it would never understand because dyslexics need to be taught differently.


How do I know my kid is dyslexic?

Dyslexics share a common trait which is found in the way their brain functions. Under listed are some of the sign that your child is dyslexic

1. An early sign of dyslexia is speech delay.

2. Very slow development

3. Difficulty remembering words and sequences

4. Difficulty writing

5. Difficulty reading

6. Your kid doesn’t like school

7. Substituting words like 9 for p in a sentence

8. Difficulty understanding spatial concepts.

Basically there are tests that your child will take to determine if he/she id dyslexic. If you notice that your kid is experiencing some difficulties in learning, your kid MIGHT be dyslexic and you should immediately take him/her for a test to confirm.

Is there a cure for Dyslexia?

No. This is because it is not a brain disease or an illness, however, it is just the way their brain functions and it can be overcome with time. The good thing is that there are resources, schools, centers and remediation programs that can help rewire your kid’s brain. (How to help a child with dyslexia)

Dyslexics are very creative and special people. It is extremely important that when you see any signs of dyslexia in your kid, you act immediately.

Examples of great dyslexics;
Steve Jobs, Whoopi Goldberg, Ben Carson, Einstein, Tom Cruise, Richard Branson and a whole others.


Onyinye Okeke

Onyinye Okeke
Founder, Special Not Dumb Initiative

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