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Why Should You Invest In A UK Boarding School?

An investment in a UK boarding school reaps rewards for life…

‘The leading schools across the world focus on just two areas: developing key personal characteristics, attitudes and behaviours, and optimizing the achievements of their pupils across a wide range of fields beyond and including the academic’, says Mr Mike Hall, Head of Ashford School.

UK Boarding

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Ashford will be one of more than 20 leading schools at the UK Boarding School Exhibition in Lagos on 16th and 17th March and Abuja on 19th March and keen to talk to parents about the aspirations for their children.

Mrs Liz Hewer, Headmistress of St George’s girls’ school in Ascot believes that: ‘the richness of the opportunities allows the girls to foster the confidence, independence and academic curiosity that lead to success.’

Some of the ways that the welcoming and well-resourced British boarding school community prepares young people inclues
1. Instilling values

UK Boarding School

A child’s destiny is shaped by their ‘character and application,’ explains Adam Williams, Head of Lord Wandsworth College.  ‘Our pupils know that their thoughts inform their actions, their actions their habits, their habits their character, and their character ultimately will determine their fortune.’

2. Full activities programme

UK Boarding School

Sport is central to boarding school values, ‘to learn about yourself, especially when under pressure; learn about others whether being a team mate or opponent’, says Dr Scott Drawer, Millfield’s Director of Sport.

‘The wide range of experiences in sport, music, drama and elsewhere, combined with fine facilities, make for cheerful and self-disciplined pupils who have an appetite for discovery, and an ambition to make their mark,’ adds Nick Seward, Head of Kingham Hill School.

3. Fulfilling academic potential

With small classes, excellent teaching and the best possible resources, students fulfil their academic potential. They also gain places at world leading universities.

At Cardiff Sixth Form College, their approach is to ‘provide students with a strong, disciplined curriculum of core subjects; whilst also monitoring and aiding individual progress.’

UK Boarding School

Ian Lavender, Head at Windermere, sums up, ‘students leave with an enduring foundation for life. Our girls and boys have the qualifications, skills and values that they need to live safe and fulfilled lives.  They also know that they can overcome adversity, remain true to their purpose, and be of service to others.’

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