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Happy Valentines day to all LagosMums, Dads and Children…I share what I know about love. Enjoy the excerpt from the article I wrote and you can read the full article on RomanceMetsLife

Love and Velentine's Day…Maturing through what love is has led me to discover that everyday is a day to celebrate love. When it comes to your spouse, everyday is a day to celebrate love (or should be). Living with another human being, the highs, the lows and the realities of life make you understand what love is in a different way.

I wear many different hats today and I do not see love, nor the fancy celebration of Valentines day, as something just for lovers. Love has many different hats and expressions – love as a wife, as a child of God, as a Mum, as a friend, as a daughter, as a colleague, boss etc.

Love means many different things to me now. Love is a choice, Love is real, love is natural, it is unpretentious. Love grows, love is not fleeting, love is not about butterflies. Love is about forgiveness. Mature love is about assurance and the certainty that you love someone and someone loves you back.

I see love as something that is minute-by-minute, day-by-day. The love that comes naturally when you hold your baby in your arms for the first time is the same love that grows as your child shows all their emerging characteristics. Love is that thing you cannot touch, but that you feel when you sit down with your spouse of many years, have a simple dinner after a stressful day at work and you can still make each other laugh.

Love is when you sit with your sister or your friend and you pray for each other, encourage each other through lives issues and out of your valley. Love is what you feel when you find a real support system that cares about you and you about them.

Love has true meaning as you get older in life, you understand that it is so much more than how you feel on one day, it is more than roses and dinner. Love includes loving yourself too, the curve of your stomach after carrying a child. It is about loving the person you have evolved into and cutting yourself some slack. Love is having passion for God’s given purpose for your life.

Love is about others and giving of yourself.

Love is something that grows as you grow, yes I will still celebrate Valentine’s day by going to dinner, giving a card and celebrating, but I know that Love is much more than one day of celebration.

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Contributed by Yetty Williams.
Mum|Wife|Writer|Founder, LagosMums.com


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