Chukwu Christina

LagosMums Mum Of The Month – Chukwu Christina

Our LagosMums Mum of the Month is Christina Chukwu; mum, wife, brand ambassador and model! We enjoyed talking with her as she shares her motherhood journey. We always learn when we read someone else’s story and they share their experiences with us.

In our LagosMums mum of the month series, we love to meet different mothers to talk about motherhood, how they balance their various roles and more. Enjoy!

Chukwu Christina

Please tell us about yourself?

My name is Chukwu Christina, I’m a graduate of theatre and media arts from Delta state university. I work as a freelance commercial model. A very open person that easily makes friends.

Tell us about your beautiful family?

My family is a little one comprising of myself, husband and our daughter; Lianna. She will be four years of age by April and although she’s my stepdaughter I’ve come to love her like every mother would love her own child. We are currently expecting a little prince and by ending of February this little family of three will be welcoming a new member.

Chukwu Christina

It’s the month of love, tell us how you celebrated valentine’s day

Valentine was awesome. Myself and le boo dropped our daughter at his mum’s place earlier that day and we proceeded to lodge at Presken hotel in Ikeja. Around 6 pm we made our way to Hard Rock Cafe at Victoria island where we had a grand dinner by the beach.

With music serenading the atmosphere and the cool breeze from the sea, each gulp of the chilled martini wine made me want to stay there forever. I was thinking he was going to propose again sef, lol. I wish Valentine would come again soon joor, although I didn’t get any gifts, I I think the little bundle of joy I’m carrying within me is enough gift for 2019.

Chukwu Christina

What has motherhood taught you?

Ha motherhood! No one I think is ever fully prepared for it because it’s a journey you’ve never taken before. I’ve always been a very organized person that pays attention to detail but Lianna hates when the house is organized, lol. So I’d say motherhood has taught me to be more patient and understanding. To share every bit of me without reservation. To make someone else’s happiness and well being my priority and primary concern.

How has your pregnancy been so far?

It hasn’t been easy to be truthful. I had to limit accepting jobs from the very first month of my pregnancy because I was always in and out of the hospital. The morning sickness was that terrible! I’m almost 36 weeks gone and I still throw up. I thought after the first trimester the throwing up would stop but alas!

I was happy when I found out I was pregnant, so happy I had my first scan before the baby was even two weeks old(laughs). Literally, I just can’t wait to pop out this little man.

What do you wish you knew before you got married and became a mum?
Well, the one thing I wish I knew before the whole wife/mother thing came up is that I wish I was more prepared for the challenges that come with such transitioning. Being totally responsible for another human (your husband inclusive) is a huge task and you should be willing to accept that it’s not going to be rosy all the time.
Do you have any tips or word of encouragement for expectant mums?

Well, all I can say is just take each day as it comes. As regards chores, do the ones you can and rest unapologetically.

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Chukwu Christina

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Can you tell us any pregnancy myths you were told

Ha, a lot! But the ones that top the list include;

1 Don’t fetch water from the well at night, please!

2 Don’t sit at the door entrance!

3 Always put a safety pin on your dress when going out!

4 Don’t let anybody touch your bump!

Tell us about your journey to becoming a model and your entrepreneurship journey

I’m 5.11ft and tall so right from university days, I always had one or two agencies approaching me to buy forms and contest for one beauty pageant or the other. So after university, I got a link to work with Tecno mobile as a brand ambassador.

From there, other jobs started rolling in as I made contacts from Tecno that connected me to others. My last job was in December 2018 for a Glo Tv commercial “Data is oxygen” and I was the lead model. I got that job after the director I worked with for Caretimes relaxer in July was impressed with my work and called me back for Glo. Hopefully, by month end the advert would be out.

Please share with us how you balance as a working mum?

For me, it isn’t quite difficult except for shoots where I have to travel out of Lagos to other states and sometimes need to stay up to a week. As a freelance model, you are not constrained to work because officially you didn’t sign with any agency so you are only busy when there’s a job. As a result, I make up for those times I was away with other times I don’t have jobs. Plus my husband; God bless him for me, is the most understanding person on earth and is always willing to help out when I’m not around.

Chukwu Christina

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How important is a support system to a mum today

Very important! Whether a working mum or not, everyone deserves some me time so you don’t run mad(literally).

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In one word tell us something you believe should not be missing from every home?


How do you relax and spend time on yourself?

B-naturals is a spa saloon at Ikeja, once a month I go there to unwind. I have a massage, facial and sauna bath. It relieves me of accumulated stress over time and whenever I come back, I’m more than refreshed to continue with what I do.

Chukwu Christina
You are definitely a Yummy Mummy – can you tell us how you stay stylish and your beauty routine

Hahaha, yummy mummy ke? Well, the nature of what I do deals mostly with the facial appearance before even skill because no company would want to hire an ugly model as the face of their brand.

To achieve a flawless or almost flawless skin is quite easy and not expensive unlike what most people would think. For me, I use freshly crushed guava leaves mixed with a bit of water as my facial mask every two days. After I wash off, I apply my body cream; bronze tone as it’s mild and doesn’t contain hydroquinone. Other times, I use freshly cut slices of tomatoes on my face. This works efficiently to close pores, tighten facial skin and leaves your face feeling fresh.

What do you love about LagosMums?

LagosMums is one of my go-to pages on Instagram. It’s educating and entertaining contents always keeps me glued and waiting for their next post. I love the fact that it’s a nonjudgmental community of mums that allows you to express yourself and share your problems while encouraging and giving pragmatic solutions to issues raised. Thank you!

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