Lazy List For Raising Empowered Girls

Many times we jump onto the trending hashtags and retweet for the day. We recently celebrated the international day of the girl child and apart from retweeting, I have been asking myself what we can do to really make an impact. How can I, how can you make a difference?

While on the way to school the morning of the #DayofTheGirl I decided to discuss with my daughter and her brother.

Day of Girl Child

Her reaction was like what is the big deal? What is the special fact about a day for girls? Don’t girls already know they can do anything they want? Her answer made me think Yaay! This is what we want, we what to raise empowered women and this has to start with raising empowered girls. We need to raise a generation of girls who truly believe that they can be and achieve what they set their mind to.

I love that the United Nations has a link for people who wish to support the sustainable development goals in a lazy couch potato way. So you do not have to walk, you don’t have to raise funds but there are things you can do right from where you are.

Here is my lazy list for you to raise Empowered girls
Speak about your experiences

There are many things you have experienced or learned that a young girl can learn from.


Not in an aloof way or from a distance but by being real. If you are a #GirlBoss you have overcome fears and anxiety so share your experiences and mentor a younger lady or girl.

Talk about real love and relationships

If you are over 25 then you have love stories to share. Without seeming jaded share your experiences and of people around you. Lust is very different from true love. Young ladies need to know that anyone who appears to care but keeps you on the down-low doesn’t really want the best for you.

You are unique and beautiful

Too many young girls think that beauty is what they see on Instagram. Long hair, face beat, smartphone holding and in permanent selfie mode. In reality, the things that girls see on social media are fake – this definition of beauty is not real. Stars are doing their jobs and make money from looking like that! Sometimes they are even brand ambassadors for the things they wear, yet our young girls over-extend themselves to buy same.

It is very dangerous to base beauty or self worth on the wrong things. Ask those who really matter and they will tell you, you are loved with or without a weave. If you must wear a weave? Brush it!

Learn to Earn

This includes having the right work ethic, identifying your skills are and learning to create wealth. Getting a job that pays well is good but real power to create wealth comes from developing skills that are unique to you. Then you will always be the best.

You really have to make a difference if you care. So please share your experiences with the people around you, make a difference in the life of a girl in a way that can really impact her future.

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