What is Love? – Watch children explain it!

We’ve all probably heard about or seen snippets from the popular “Kids say the darndest things” show. They certainly do. Children have a knack of saying the most surprising, unexpected, funny, clever things and with such truthful meanings. We could tie this to their innocence or the beauty of being children, but either ways, it is one of the most beautiful things life has to offer.

With Valentine’s day fast approaching – everywhere is already lighting up in red – and because it is a day when people show feelings of love, affection and friendship, we thought we’d share a couple of awesome videos on children saying what they think about the reason for Valentine’s!

Cute Kids Answer–What is Love? by Samaritans Purse
Love Lesson | Life’s Big Questions Unscripted by Jubilee Project

Read what love means to children here. It’ll definitely crack you up!

Children understand love from their first place of interaction; home. This Valentine’s – and even after – go further in helping them understand what it is. Modeling what it means to love each other – as parents – especially in today’s culture, is a great heritage to leave children. We owe it to them to give them guidelines on how to express it and what it truly is!

Would you ask your children what it means to them and share with us? We would be elated to hear what they think! Tell us on Twitter!

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