Motherhood and mental health

As part of our weekly LagosMums Insta Live series, we recently talked about motherhood, mental health and abundant living with Dr Maymunah Kadiri. It was such an insightful session with many tips for self-care and other ways to ensure mental health at this time.

Some highlights
Mental Health Vulnerabilities

According to Dr Maymunah, there are four factors that make a woman more susceptible to mental health illnesses. If a woman knows what to look out for, then it is easier for her to put steps in place to reduce her risk factor. Some of the situations that increase vulnerabilities are:

  1. If there was a loss of a parent before the age of 8.
  2. Having three or more children under the age of 14.
  3. Working from home or being a stay at home mother (so a lack of social interaction)
  4. When the spouse is not seen as a confidant.

If a woman has even two of these factors it is important for her to know that she is more susceptible to having symptoms of depression or having mental health challenges.

Positive Attitude

She advised that everyone, especially during the ongoing pandemic, needs a healthy dose of a positive attitude. The right thoughts will help when it comes to motherhood and ensuring sound mental health.

[Tweet “When you wake up say the following; I am awake, I am alive and I am a survivor.”]


As a mother and parent, having a structure is important for raising children. Without a proper structure in place, it adds to the stress of parenting. The reality is that having a structure in place will help to ensure healthy mental health.


Dr Maumunah recommended that on your motherhood journey, you want to ensure that you fumigate your inner circle. What this means is that there are some toxic relationships you need to cut off at this time. This is a time to have compassion and empathy both for yourself and for others around you.

These are just a few tips shared! Share with someone who needs to hear this. Self-care is not selfish it is a priority for your mental health and well-being!

You can get in touch with Dr Maymunah Kadiri @iamdrmaymunah on Instagram.

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