Mum-of-four’ Shares ‘Parenting Fail’ Post That Goes Viral

An Australian mum has been praised online for sharing a completely ‘real’ post about her parenting fail. Suffice it to say that mums are happy to know that they are not alone in the “parenting struggle”.

Carly Hall, a mum of four who comes from Sydney, shared an image of her young children at a local cafe on a Facebook group for mothers. She also shared a honest post about how they got there, wanting “to cheer anyone up if they think they’re failing as a mum today”.

Parenting fail

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“I slept in and just couldn’ t get my 7-year-old ready for school today. So she just didn’t go… then I got two of them slurpees, while the younger two slept, just so I could have a coffee in peace (on a separate table), and scroll through Facebook while ignoring them,” … Thought you might like to use this as a yardstick.

Carly’s completely relatable post received an overwhelming amount of positive responses from mothers everywhere, something she admits she wasn’t expecting.

“I was just hoping that the post would give a few mums a laugh, especially younger or first-time mums who are really hard on themselves, I’m happy to be a lower benchmark for people and I also think people just enjoyed some realness.” Carly told Yahoo Lifestyle Australia.

Carly admits she didn’t really think twice before deciding to post the image. However, it was clear her words hit the mark with hundreds of parents. According to her, she thinks people love actual self depreciation – as opposed to the humble brag. She also thinks most people think everyone else has got it together and it’s reassuring to see that they don’t!

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Despite what one might usually expect from the internet, of the hundreds of comments on the post, the vast majority were positive, supportive, and grateful for Carly’s honesty.

“This is the stuff we do that stops us going nuts,” was one comment. “It’s nice to see other mums sharing their not so ‘perfect’ days. There a lot of fake Instagram moments that can make us feel like we are really screwing up, when really, no one really has any real clue. We are all flying by the seats of our pants.”

“Finally… someone who doesn’t post about their perfect life,” another person agreed.

 “Good on you for sharing! And you know what, everyone was happy! Sometimes, a little me-time over a good coffee, is enough to recover your sanity. And as a mother of 4, you deserve a medal anyway,” was another supportive comment.

“I’m just impressed you got five people out of the house,” wrote one person.

Our takeaway from this is that it’s okay to admit that you’re not perfect. Don’t put that pressure on yourself. The truth is nobody has got it all figured out. Note that people show you what they want you to see on social media and we are happy that this mum has chosen to be real!

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